Melina Marchetta’s stunning debut novel Looking for Alibrandi is one girl’s story of her final year at school, a year she sets herself free. Josephine Alibrandi is. For as long as Josephine Alibrandi can remember, it’s just been her, her mom, and her grandmother. Now it’s her final year at a wealthy Catholic high school. Editorial Reviews. Review. Seventeen-year-old Josephine Alibrandi is no stranger to conflict. If she’s not caught between her strict single mom and.

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Sera who actually seems more like a enemy than a mate and spends a whole lot of time insulting our MC. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Looking For Alibrandi

The book was fast paced and pretty readable, but darn it Loojing had top notch expectations. I think the best aspect of Looking for Alibrandi was the relationships. Looking For Alibrandi buddy read 28 39 Loking 20, Not only was her mother ostracized forever more by family and friends, but Josephine herself suffered throughout her childhood and teens from the cruel taunts of others, ranging from her fatherless upbringing to her Italian blood and her Australian birth, she struggled to find her niche.

This book is comprised of heavy themes such as culturalism, teenage struggle, sexual pressures, faith, and finding oneself in the midst of an ongoing storm. Which reached into my chest and ripped out my heart but there was a definite sense of poignancy with Josie and her relationship with the past and the future.

Looking for Alibrandi Reminded me a lot of Alibrandi.

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I won’t say anything about the details of the book because I want you to be pleasantly surprised on your own. I apibrandi think this is the best Marchetta that honor goes to The Piper’s Son and Froi of the Exilesbut it’s the one closest to my heart. The only enjoyable character was John and it really hurt me when he committed suicide because he made the book a lot better.


First published in Australia by Penguin Books Australia, And third where I just knew this book has made a lasting impression on me. Inmy grand-uncle was 16 when he kissed his mum and dad goodbye, jumped on a boat and took off for Australia in search of fortun I knew alibarndi. April If you have been following me on Twitter and Instagram then you’d know that I recently went to Sydney and found old covers of Alibrandi and bought them, obvs.

Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta

She fought what she believed in and she made no apologies for it. This is the first book I started with but with each book she wrote she only got better.

I cannot be any clearer without giving away precious spoilers for this tale, but this unexpected bond that I found between the pages of this book tore at my heart and soul and I found myself aching for everything these three had faced. I knew it would all fail. I liked the take on this topic and wish that storyline had been more focused on than the romance. I honestly think the world will stop turning the day I read a MM book I do not like.

The cultural divide that so conflicts her speaks to a large part of my life experience.

First of all, that was the friendship between the four girls. Looking for Alibrandi is a captivating story with many twists and turns. I don’t think she realizes that feminism has hit religion and that the female saints in heaven are probably also in revolt. I love the fact that Josephine was a little bit spoiled, a lot bit mouthy and so dramatically a teenager.

Or ‘Does size count? So passionate alibrahdi straightforward. It’s just that while you were speaking I remembered the magazine.


She is in her last year of school and it’s mdlina time in her life when she needs to face many important things – what does she want to be? I knew I was dealing with a kindred spirit when on page 5 she says, “Believe me, I could write a book about problems. I wasn’t swooning this time.

I was bummed about Jacob Coote, but not left without hope. And heck, I wanted my eyes to water at that horrible moment and I wanted to like our MC more. You can’t hate what you’re part of. I admired his confidence, his open-mindedness, and his courage to make something better of himself.

Looking for Alibrandi

Looking For Alibrandi was made into a major film in and won the Australian Film Institute Award for best Film and best adapted screen play, also written by the author. Anyone who reads YA. Just being from an Italian heritage sets Josephine up for scorn from her solidly Australian friends, and not having a father sets Josephine up for scorn from both her Australian friends and her Italian family.

While Marchetta’s other contemporary novels macrhetta all tear-jerkers, Looking for Alibrandi was nelina more bittersweet type of tale, filled in equal parts with happiness and sorrow. E- I severely disliked the romance in this book. Remember when I was talking about gumption? Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Rhapsody in Books Weblog.

Last time I went there was eons ago, I was 16 and stayed with alibeandi for a whole summer.