LEGO set database: Robot. Set number: ; Name: Robot; Also known as: Robot That Folds Down; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Technical. Set was released in and was the only set available that year. This set is a truck which features rack and pinion steering. When a crank in the rear is. Find great deals for Lego Technic Robot From HTF. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Competition will be tough! Lrgo was just in the frame. Click for an animation of the transformation in motion. I really like lefo steering mechanism. What a nice little model. This is really great work. This is the hard part and not me speciality. For the people how want to build one there own, here is the LDD file link.

Recently I have been working on a Mini model myself for which I needed a compact steering mechanism.

The steering mechanism itself uses control arms and toothed links. Barman, your part list doesn’t match you model. Transformation The transformation from truck to robot is controlled by a crank in the rear of the vehicle. Must start working on my own entry. Posted July 31, I have a nice plan to demonstrate all the functions. I have quit a view of old idea’s laying on the corner of ,ego desk It really brings out the best in builders.

If you paid attention to my entry you see that I didn’t redo the parts list with the new 8582.



This is for me the first time Lwgo edited photo’s using layers an other neat stuff. Depending on to time I have still have a lot to do for the upcoming eventsbut It would be great if I could build a couple of models and show them on Skaerbaek and Legoworld the Netherland.

I do have a couple of favorites, but still it’s a hard choice. As the pulleys rotate, the torso pivots upward. The use of a worm gear results in a system which cannot be backdriven because the axial friction is higher than the backdriving torque due to the screw pitch angle which allows the robot to be supported in transit so that it does not fall under its own weight.

Posted June 21, edited. The ,ego version is definitely better in my opinion. The elbows are hinges, and the hands are claw pieces. There have been many re-shoots to get the different photo to overlay properly. Yes, it’s going to be difficult choosing the best entry, there are so many awesome models. Posted July 20, It’s MOCs like yours take make it worth every minute of our time.

This axle has another pinion 16 tooth on each end which mates with gear racks on either side of the chassis. I might have a crack at it legi weekend. The same 24 tooth gear which drives the torso also drives an 8 tooth pinion in parallel.

Lego Technic 8852 Robot Vintage A1 Very RARE

I just give the options. Sign In Sign Up. This part is too new for LDD so I used the older one. As we say in Holland “I will see it through the fingers”.


LEGO Robot (Technic > Model > Robot ) | Rebrickable – Build with LEGO

This toke a lot of hours getting to know the program and even more time editing all the photo’s. Mediocre ones come up with good idea’s all the time. Tonight I will start making building instructions for the mini robot.

The pinion drives a rack. Posted June 27, Most people will have this part. Model by Jerome Boulanger. First the arms must be disengaged from the axle pins which hold them in place.

Hello everyone, The deadline is approaching so time the pick up this project. Getting the photo’s right wasn’t as easy as I though. I am going to make a picture instructions on Flickr and there I will show that both parts can be used. I guess that sets apart the gifted builders from the mediocre ones.

The function of this second set is to keep the racks level. Thanks to Jim and the rest of the Eurobricks team for making this possible and: Each day I had a new favorite and seeing this great entry I am lost again. I would have never thought of rotating the rack by 90 degrees. About 2 weeks ago I was playing with it and decided to make the left one as well to see the bigger picture.

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