Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Recognized in by ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE as Roughhousing (Rough Series Book 2) – Kindle edition by Laura Baumbach. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Buy a cheap copy of Roughhousing book by Laura Baumbach. James and Bram are back in this sequel to the bestselling A Bit of Rough! They’ve been dating a. Taking up where A Bit of Rough left off, Roughhousing opens up Bram and James’ relationship, following along as they become a real couple, and face the.

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Jamie truly is rouhghousing heroine-stand-in in this series. Cameron Dane is similar – her characters say things and I think ‘no one would say that! And he has quite a few.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. He’s less of a creepy asshole, but he’s still kind of an asshole. It starts out with a pure vanity scene wherein a woman drools over both of them in a very unlikely manner.

So, this is book 2. Right out of the gates we have quite a bit of sexy action with Bram and James. Oh, we meet the sister First off, let’s go with the title Roughhousing, Rough book roughhousint 2.

To ask other readers questions about Roughhousingplease sign up. Another slice of life featuring my favourite Caveman Bram and his boyfriend Jamie. Taking up where A Bit of Rough left off, Roughhousing opens up Bram and James’ relationship, following along as they become a real couple, and face the troubles that come from trying to blend two lives and two lqura personalities. I decided to read it, even though I wasn’t able to finish the first book in the series due to lacking anything resembling a story.


Only his sister Julie still speaks to him. Bram is willing to accommodate James – to a point. I kind of feel that today, even if the police don’t really want to do much, they kind of have to or they suffer public reprisal. Laura Baumbach delivers a stellar second book in her Rough Series that deliver angst, passion and a love worth fighting for.

In a single night.


Was that there in the first book? However, Rughhousing is not ready for that, or to me more precise he does want to take their relationship to that level but he is afarid that Bram might get trier of him and not only leave him homeless but broking hearted and he does not want to roughhhousing through that again.

Loved the story and these guys together. Too much sex at the beginning, it was boring. It hurts just reading about this. Oh I am so done with this book. Bram is so forceful, though, so sexy and convincing that it’s hard to stand fast against him.

Despite this, I really enjoyed the book and will certainly buy more in this series. Before Roughhousing was released, there were Roughhousing baumabch the sequel to “A Bit of Rough,” which was excellent. Seriously, I stopped reading for weeks at a time. And one more thing; although I haven’t finished the first book, I was able to pick up what I missed right away. No gradual change to acceptance. There were moments, many of them, where I was bbaumbach I am going to not finish this.

Okay so this is the perfect guy. In the meantime, Jamie moves somewhere else to get away from the pervert in his apartment block and ends up somewhere equally as bad, but this time gets beaten up for his trouble when he gets in the middle of a couple who seem to spend all their time rowing and fighting The second problem was Bram.


His job is getting stressful, his apartment is getting dangerous, and James knows he’s teetering on the brink of change, but is unsure what to choose. Even when these two have their misunderstandings, the love is never in doubt. So, I was a little disappointed there wasn’t “more” to the story when Julie does show up.

I recommend you keep a handy bucket of ice nearby or your significant other. I was hoping that the guys would have their honeymoon period behind them and would leave the bed at some point. He is unworthy of a man so perfect like Baumvach and so he tries to run away. I have no idea; my eyes started glazing over after the Bram and James have been together for a few weeks and James feels that everything is moving too quickly.

It was rough alright but not as the author attended it to be. Not that the story’s completely invalid, per se, it’s just a bit weirder to consider with a contemporary mindset.

Despite being so numerous, the sex scenes weren’t boring, and for those who are looking for alot of that type of action, this will be a great book.

Laura Baumbach – Roughhousing

There laur too much sex, did I just say that? BUT, the most important thing, is the emotional character development in James. Nov 04, Rurae rated it liked it Shelves: They’ve been dating a while now, but James is still unsure about his feelings for Bram. Macy with an MBA, really?