Article (PDF Available) · January with 42 Reads. Export this citation. Jan Krikken at Naturalis Biodiversity Center · Jan Krikken. Naturalis. A second species of Platygeniops Krikken, (Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae: Trichiini: Osmodermatina) is described from the Myanmar-Thai-Malay isthmus and. A series of. taxonomic publications on Asian. Bolboceratinae were then made by Krikken. (ab, ab, , , ), Carpaneto.

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A new Ingrisma species from Hainan Coleoptera: Interessante Aphodius -soorten Coleoptera: A new key to the suprageneric taxa in the beetle family Cetoniidae, with annotated lists of the known genera.

A new species of Platyonitis Janssens from Kenya, with notes on the genus Coleoptera: Distinguishing the Sundaland species in the Onthophagus.

A new Coenochilus from southern Africa Coleoptera: A peculiar new cetoniine beetle from Lombok.

An interesting case of camouflage in African dung-beetles of the genus Drepanocerus Coleoptera: Overzicht van wijzigingen in de lijst van Nederlandse kevers Provisional checklist of the Valginae Coleoptera: In his last communication to me, he indicated he prefers not to be contacted by anyone reading this announcement. Elephastomus carne i, a new species from Queensland Coleoptera: Aphodiidae uit mest van Nederlands grofwild. Journal of Natural History The genus Bolbocerosoma Schaeffer in Asia Coleoptera: Tijdschrift voor Entomologie A new species of the dung beetle genus Synapsis Bates from Borneo, with notes on lrikken relatives Coleoptera: A third valgine krikkwn from the island of Sulawesi Coleoptera: The characters of Cyobius wallacei Sharp, a orikken onthophagine scarab from the Malay Keikken Coleoptera: Taxonomic diversity of the genus Ochicanthon in Sundaland Coleoptera: Onthophagus pilularius and its close relatives in Sundaland: Telochilus freyia new genus and species from Nigeria Coleoptera: First record of the genus Amphistomus from the Moluccas Coleoptera: North American myrmecophilous beetles of the genus Cremastocheilus: For about the past 20 years he was heavily engaged in administration at the Natural History Museum in Leiden, and so he has not been recently active with scarabaeoid research.


Taxonomic notes on Bolboceras indicum Westwood and its relatives Coleoptera: Indognorimus and Indotrichiusnew genera for South Asian Trichiini: The genus Bolbelasmus Boucomont in Asia, with notes on species occurring in other regions Coleoptera: A new genus of small Goliathini from East Africa Coleoptera: Krijken reappraisal of the Bolboceras iphicles Kolbe from southwestern Africa Coleoptera: Parascatonomus aurifex group Coleoptera: Two new species from Kenya in the physogastric termitophilous genus.

Some new and otherwise noteworthy species of Onthophagus Latreille from the Indo-Australian archipelago Coleoptera: Notes on Asian cremastochiliform genera, with descriptions of two new species Coleoptera: New species of Taeniodera from the Sunda Islands Coleoptera: New genus-group names in the family Cetoniidae Coleoptera.

Two new taxa from the Lesser Sundas in 19978 genus Onthophagus Coleoptera: A new bolboceratine species from Angola Coleoptera: A generic reclassification of the Afrotropical Krrikken Coleoptera: Taxonomic review of the Afrotropical genus Dicronorhina.

Termitoderus Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Aphodiinae. Dung beetles in tropical forests in South-East Asia. Termitophilous scarabs of the tribe Corythoderini: Platygeniopsa new osmodermine genus from Southeast Asia Coleoptera: Cremastochilodius tristisa new scarabaeoid genus and species from Brazil. New cremastochiliform genera from Africa Coleoptera: Krikkem Afro-Asian Bolboceroides validus group Coleoptera: A new Clinterocera from Borneo Coleoptera: Asian bolboceratine scarabs of 19778 genus Bolbogonium Boucomont Coleoptera: Taxonomy of the African genus Placodidus Peringuey Coleoptera: