Keil and Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament. Keil & Delitzsch – Commentary on the Old Testament (10 Volume Complete Set) [ C. F. Keil & F. Delitzsch] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Keil–Delitzsch: Commentary on the Old Testament I–X. From the commentary compilations by Keil and Delitzsch.

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In he settled at Leipsic, where he devoted himself to literary work and to the practical affairs of the Lutheran Church.

Born at Lauterbach, Saxony, Feb. They do not even rise to the notion of a creation, much less to the knowledge of an almighty God, as the Creator of all things.

There are five groups in drlitzsch first period, and five in the second. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! The name of a thing is the expression of its nature. Who can set bounds to the divine omnipotence, and determine what and how much it can create in a moment? The rendering, “out of evening and morning there came one day,” is at variance with grammar, as well as with the actual fact. Commentarry indicates that the herbs and trees sprang out of the earth according to their kinds, and received, together with power to bear seed and fruit, the capacity to propagate and multiply their own kind.

Biblical Commentary Old Testament. Thus the history of humanity is gathered up into the history of the one family, which received the promise, that God would multiply it into a great people, or rather into a multitude of peoples, would make it a blessing to all the families of the earth, and would give it the land of Canaan for cmomentary everlasting possession.

Exegesis must insist upon this, and not allow itself to alter the plain sense of the words of the Bible, from irrelevant and untimely regard to the so-called certain inductions of natural science. Let the waters swarm with swarms, with living beings, and let birds fly above the earth in the face the front, i. Independent of this series, Delitzsch also wrote a commentary on the book of Genesispublished in He came of Hebrew parentage; studied delitzscu Leipsic where he became a private lecturer in ; held the position of professor in Rostock in ; then in Erlangen in ; and then again in Leipsic in The select only a few from the many passages of the Old and New Testaments, in which God is referred to as the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and the almighty operations of the living God in the world are based upon the fact of its creation: This consists ans in the fact, that the man endowed with free self-conscious personality possesses, in his spiritual as well as corporeal nature, a creaturely copy of the holiness and blessedness of the divine life.


Certainly not in the bodily form, the upright position, or commanding aspect of the man, since God has no bodily form, and the man’s body was formed from the dust of the ground; nor in the dominion of man over nature, for this is unquestionably ascribed to man simply as the consequence or effluence of his likeness to God.

For only from such a standpoint could this work of God be made intelligible to all men, uneducated as well as learned, and the account of it be made subservient to the religious wants of all.

Biblical Commentary Old Testament. Keil and Delitzsch.6 vols.complete.Clark’sFTL.1864.1892.

Now if the rocks, both crystalline and stratified, were formed, not in any mechanical way, but by chemical processes, in which, besides fire and water, electricity, galvanism, magnetism, and possibly other forces at present unknown to physical science were at work; the different formations may have been produced contemporaneously velitzsch laid one upon another.

The historical events described contain a rich treasury of speculative thoughts and poetical glory; but they themselves are free from the influence of human invention and human philosophizing” Delitzsch. At the time of Delitzsch’s baptism Germany was under French rule and had enacted Jewish emancipationbut the law still excluded Jews from government positions and teaching posts; and after the defeat of Napoleon inthe emancipation edict was repealed.

The work is still widely available in paper and various digital editions,Hendrickson Publishers and Ages Library are highly commended. This edition was intended to be used for proselytization among Jews.

Franz Delitzsch

Later it was revised by Gustaf Dalmanwith whom he shared “a common interest in the evangelization of the Jews”.

Here is the whole in 6 multi-volumes.

It was not till after the light had been created, and the separation of the light from the darkness had taken place, that evening came, and after the evening the morning; and this coming of evening lit. Grundtvig Friedrich August Tholuck.


The first day commenced at the moment when God caused the light to break forth from the darkness; but this light did not become a day, until the evening had come, and the darkness which set in with the evening had given place the next morning to the break of day. The second of these conclusions also stands or falls with the assumptions on which they are founded, viz. Of the preparatory age, from Noah to Terah the father of Abraham, we have an account delitxsch the covenant which God made with Noah, and of Noah’s blessing and curse; the genealogies of the families and tribes which ans from his three sons; an account of the confusion of tongues, and the dispersion of the people; and the genealogical table from Shem to Terah 8: The “seas” include the rivers which flow into the ocean, and the lakes which are deoitzsch it were “detached fragments” of the ocean, though they are not specially mentioned here.

All the fossil plants and animals can be arranged in the orders and classes of the existing flora and fauna. Delitzsch delutzsch the idea “of fencing theology off with the letter of the Formula of Concord.

Keil and Delitzsch Commentary, Biography – SwordSearcher Bible Software

The first day did not consist of the primeval darkness and the origination of light, but was formed after the creation of the light by the first interchange of evening and morning. Natural research, again, will never explain the origin of the universe, or even of the earth; for the creation lies beyond the limits of the territory within its reach.

Commnetary translation of the New Testament keiil Hebrew is still considered the standard New Testament edition in Hebrew and in its 10th Edition it was revised by a young Arnold Ehrlich at Delitzsch’s insistence.

This truth, which arises from the relative magnitude of the heavenly bodies, or rather their apparent size as seen from the earth, is not affected by the fact that from the standpoint of natural science many of celitzsch stars far surpass both sun and moon in magnitude.