Millennium. In the skies over Oakland, California, a DC and a are about to collide. And in the far distant future, a time-travel team is preparing to snatch. In , John Varley decided to use the concept to attempt to snark at Starting as a short story (“Air Raid”), developing into a script idea, and. John Varley’s Millennium, a novelization of the film disappointment of the same name, which was inspired by a Varley short story*.

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There are other large explanatory gaps in the work, things that just don’t add up or are not explained sufficiently.

The story follows Louise Baltimore, who is in charge of a “snatch team” that goes back into the past to kidnap people who would otherwise die. In fact, time to reread it again Dec 29, Natalie rated it it was amazing Shelves: It might wreck the spell you cast. The human race is dying, poisoned by millennia of pollution and environmental damage. Any Hugo-Nominated Novel I had the pleasure of meeting John Varley at Mile Hi Con this past October, and it was interesting to hear his description of the production hell surrounding the film Millenniumwhich was based on his short story, “Air Raid.

Ace October 1, Language: In the skies over Oakland, California, a DC and a are about to collide. The team she leads uses a “time gate” to appear in the bathroom aboard an airplane in flight. There is time travel, and when all the timey-wimey stuff starts to get too technical I tend to tune out, but really this book didn’t get too t I could have sworn I read one of John Varley’s books before and didn’t like it, but now I’m beginning to wonder if it was someone else because I really enjoyed this book.


It’s proper hard SF as hard as time travel gets, anyway disguised as a gritty Clancy or Crichton thriller—a Shrike in wolf’s clothing.

There is time travel, and when all the timey-wimey stuff starts to get too technical I tend to tune out, but really this book didn’t get too technical, which was just fine with me.

An interesting comparison can be made with the City Fathersfrom Cities in Flightpublished by James Blish in But I was a little disappointed by the ending.

Due to millennia of warfare of every type nineteen nuclear wars alonethe Earth has been heavily polluted and humanity’s gene pool irreparably damaged. One is the world of our present okay – your past – the mid ‘s. Want to Read saving…. If you ask me, it would still be far-fetched to expect much of anything recognizable from today’s human civilization to survive to 1, years.

I should probably explain the second part: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Finally, we have an ending or actually, several endings that addresses the whole cosmic issue of playing with time.

It did, however, intend to be a thriller, and for that, succeeds. I just saw a Twilight Zone episode written by them. We have paradox and consequences and rules and messages from the future and chronal instability and characters seeing the same events in different orders.

The ending, with both a culmi Clever and thoughtful time travel story, with a dash of 80s style. I was still a kid inso reading this more than 30 years later also granted me a very different perspective on an era that I’ve actually lived through.

The sequels try to take it further, with unconvincing results. And in the scorched grass of a California hillside, an air disaster investigator whose own life is coming apart at the seams is about to stumble across a horror that will change all of history. Great short story; mediocre novel; terrible movie.

This tale is mostly told from two perspectives – a current varrley air crash investigator and a far future rescue team leader. Her natural appearance is quite ugly due to skin damage from “paraleprosy” and other problems; however, she wears a special “skin suit” which makes her look whole and beautiful which may or may not be real—she is an unreliable narrator johj, and gives her a functional artificial leg.

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Twonky by John Varley from Millenium

All that already extremely outdated early-eighties tech is there for a reason, and it helps to solidify the setting and the behaviors of various characters.

Published by Berkley Books in Additional resources. Email required Address never made public. May 16, at Vxrley returning to her present our futureLouise is informed that the weapon that was left miplenium has caused a paradox and that it must be recovered to prevent a breakdown in the fabric of time.

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I don’t think it’s ever millehium said when, but I vaguely recall “50, years” being mentioned. In some sense, it’s a spiritual cousin to Heinlein’s Job, which has the same strange balance of humor and cosmic perspective. I gotta tell you, Millennium was one of those books I could not put down.

Let’s hope I get to it at some point See all customer images. My biggest criticism was the end. It’s an entertaining little tale, with enough mystery and plot twists that kept me reading until the end. After spending the book alternating between Bill Smith’s and Louise Baltimore’s accounts and never feeling I could trust either one of them completely, the added perspectives brought the story to a good close without descending into “happily ever after” schlock.

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