Zoe’s Tale: An Old Man’s War Novel [John Scalzi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. How do you tell your part in the biggest tale in history?. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. In the touching fourth novel set in the Old Man’s Zoe’s Tale: An Old Man’s War Novel – Kindle edition by John Scalzi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Zoe’s Tale wouldn’t work if it weren’t for Zoë. John Scalzi insists the character is not based on his daughter. But he has poured enough paternal love into the.

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Their lack of a sense of humor, literal interpretation of human speech, and deadpan delivery of their lines is charming.

Zoe’s Tale – Wikipedia

Meaningless teenage drama of the most generic type. This is my general reflection regarding the whole series: You know how it ends. I’ll start with what this book lacks: Everyone on Earth knows the tale I am part of. But does it help? Refresh and try again.

Zoe’s Tale does not step outside the narrative, does not alter it, or makes events in The Last Colony seem different. Not like you need me telling you what to do, but you have earned it. Many of the initial chapters say things like “My dad gave these aliens consciousness, so I’m a goddess to them.

Hickory responded, and Dickory replied, it seemed a bit forcefully. I really, really, really want Veronica to get to this soon, and tell me what she thinks. I know I knew all seven words and used them when I was a teen. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Happily, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it may have revitalized the series for me. Zoe is an annoying little wench. The book is really difficult to rate, so let me explain quickly why it is only a 2 for me. After a few johh, I was sold and completely engrossed in this character’s percepti 4.

Thoughts on Zoe’s Tale

Old Man’s War 4. Zoe doesn’t feel like a 16 year old, more like jihn 12 year old. After having read The Last Colony, all the major plot point of Zoe’s tale are already known to you. Har har, wink, nudge.

Reading Zoe’s doomed relationship with her fling was grueling and boring csalzi hell. Instead, she tells the Obin that she’s tired of carrying the weight of her divinity with them and says they owe her nothing. I don’t think I’m going scaalzi like this one, but may as well finish it. Well, I really should have trusted Scalzi because of course he pulls it off.

And Hickery and Dickery, wouldn’t it have been interesting if one of them hated her guts? I think I liked this more than I liked The Take Colony, though I gave that a similar rating — it was good to get into Zoe’s head, good sclazi see things from a different perspective, and this way you could get to know the Obin a little better, and see what happened behind the scenes, so to speak.

And I was a teenage girl once. Though she’s more self-aware and clever than zof teenager I’ve ever known, I was willing to go along with it simply for the pleasure of hearing Zoe’s smart-ass voice. The way Zoe looks at things is like John but not with much life experience and that’s a new take.

What else can you say about a book that came out the next year after the previous book where the author proclaimed, in post-text notes, that the story had been concluded? The book takes place in parallel time to the events of The Last Colonywhich presents its own set of challenges. Furthermore, it’s targeted at young readers, both because it’s from Zoe’s perspective and because the type face is big.


Zoe’s Tale, by John Scalzi 1 19 Jul 24, Want to Read saving…. A colonist stranded on johhn deadly pioneer world.

Like I said, the last few hundred pages make the whole book worthwhile, with a much bigger emotional hit when [spoiler for [book: Now, though, the family is off to lead talle settlers of a new colony called Roanoke uh-oh. I appreciate that he admits in the acknowledgements that Zoe as a character is bound to not work in some places.

It is the fourth full-length book in the Old Man’s War universe. Zoe’s Tale is not hard SF or space opera–it’s a character-driven first-person description of the first year of a new colony’s establishment, which Scalzi juxtaposes with some pretty nasty interplanetary politics.

All through my eyes. Nicholas Anderson Tavia Gilbert Scalzi does a great job with Zoe hale her voice. Enjoy your gaming fun. Do I have to read this book in order to get on with the series? But that never got me out of homework.

Zoe is a great character, smart, witty, acerbic at times, but very likeable. I look forward to reading it myself. Definitely glad I finally got round to reading this, even if it’s sad in places.

Who has time for all that with all this homework! If you want to contact John, using the mail function here is a scalai bad way to do it.