J. Hillis Miller. The Critic as Host not much of an argument. A certain notion of history or of literary his- tory, like a certain notion of determinable reading. The prominent Yale critic, J. Hillis Miller’s The Critic as host could be viewed as a reply to M.H. Abrams The Deconstructive Angel, which he. R ichard L. W. C larke LITS No tes 11B 1 J. HILLIS MILLER, “THE CRITIC AS HOST”Miller, J. Hillis. “The Critic as Host.” Theory Now and.

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It is a parasite, feeding on the substance of the old text. The antithetical nature of thr words ‘host’ and ‘guest’ shows the great complexity and equivocal richness of the apparently obvious and univocal language. A poem is an ambiguous giftfood.

Hong YouGeoffrey N. We may see that some of these meanings are antonymous.

The Critic as Parasite

Here each ring is open to receive the next and enclosed by the next. Historian as Critic, Critic as Pluralist. In the end, the reader cannot be certain of whether their interpretation is appropriate to the text, which makes the reading of The Waste Land a very personal ss experience. Click here to sign up.

J. Hillis Miller | In the Dark

From this developed the two main modern meanings in English, the biological and the social. And the two should not be confused. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

It indicates alongside, near or beside as in parathyroidhhe as in paranormalincorrect, abnormal as in paresthesiasimilar to or resembling as in paratyphoid subsidiary, assistant paraprofessional. The object given is intimately connected to the giver. Is this different from a citation, echo, or allusion within a poem?


Miller’s “The Critic as Host” could be viewed as a reply to M. Still Climbing the Cirtic to God. A host in the sense of a milller, moreover, is both a friendly visitor in the house and at the same time an alien presence who turns the home into a hotel, a neutral territory.

It reforms itself in each polar opposite when that opposite is separated out, and it subverts or nullifies the apparently unequivocal relation of polarity which seems the conceptual scheme appropriate for thinking through the system.

It must constantly put its own grounds in question. It also means isomeric or polymeric to.

Hillis Miller’s Concept of Critic as Host

The bread and wine used in the supper are consecrated and consumed. We cannot wish them away. Towards a Model of Host-Parasite Relationships.

Gifts always imply reciprocity. So what j.hilpis says about the world is ambiguous, multivalent, shifting, and never univocal.

Eliot won the Nobel Prize for literature, and more than 90 years after The Waste Land was written, this poem is still widely read and appreciated. Thus we get a triangular relation between the poem and its two readings, or the relation could be like a chain without a beginning or an n.hillis.

The views presented here are personal and not necessarily those of my employer or anyone else for that matter.

Earlier it was stated that the gift is like a chain. Miller argues that an obvious j.hjllis reading in the conventional sense is a myth. A poem is parasitical on earlier poems. Dei-cas – – Acta Biotheoretica 47 There is a common view that a poem has a true original univocal reading and the secondary or the reading is always parasitical on the first one.


Sometimes the shadows may overlap. Log In Sign Up. Parachute, paradigm, parasol, parapluie, paragon, paradox, parapet, parataxis, parapraxis, parabasis, paraphrase, paragraph, paraph, paralysis, paranoia, paraphernalia, parallel, parallax, parameter, parable, parestesia, paramnesia, paregoric, paragon, paramorph, paramecium, paraclete, paramedical, and paralegal.

ON the other hand, the “deconstructive” reading can by no means free itself from the metaphysical reading it means to contest.

Deconstructionism is necessary in order not only to better ccritic the text, but also the plurality of criticisms made to the text itself: We are to pay attention to the words themselves and what hsot mean to the speaker, not to the incomprehensible lyrical beauty of a foreign language. Joseph Hillis Miller, Jr. Is a citation an alien parasite within the body of its host, the main text, or is it the other way around, the interpretative text the parasite which surrounds and strangles the citation which is its host?

Reading The Waste Land: Furthermore, Hillis Miller goes from a very erudite metaphor, to a rudimentary once, comparing the reader to a child solving simple puzzles: