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Not a popular notion today. And it is wrong. Tolstoi arremete contra todo: As Occupy Wall Street has become such a tolstou social campaign in our own time, I couldn’t help but read Tolstoy with that in the back of my mind.

Can it be done?

I am so excited to dive into this, but I know like always these topics frustrate me because of their lack of practical application. Tolstoy touched on many subjects in this one, from anticipating social revolutions to come with his talk about workers farmers rights to his thoughts on penal systems. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Though the jury finds Maslova not guilty, an error in the jury’s verdict form leaves her technically guilty of an act contributing to the death, subject to mandatory imprisonment.

Rationalization of a Sinful Life “Everybody, in order to be able to act, has to consider his occupation important and good. These preachings stand the times over. The story starts with a Court case where Nekhlyudov was on the Jury. Of course not, our human nature makes it impossible, no matter how much we’d like, to listen without suspicion thereafter.

Invierea de Lev Tolstoi

Nekhlyudov spends a day with her and leaves her. This is exactly what I want from historical fiction. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Tolstoy, more interested in his philosophy Georgism, from American writer Henry George than deep characterization, in this novelpontificates his belief that everyone is equal, the lowest to the highest.


It’s through this new occupation that she is arrested and tried for murder; Nekhlyudov realizes a bit melodramatically that had he not treated her the way he had, she would not have come to this end.

I know that a lot of people might not agree with Tolstoy’s views on religious devotion, but I do and for this reason this is an important book to me. She had served as a maid in his house, at which time he was a pig, seduced her, and abandoned her after; she lost her job because of it, and she had to prostitute herself in order to survive. Knowing that Tolstoy at midlife transformed himself from a dissipate aristocrat into a penitent, saintly celibate, and pacifist and vegetarian too, had me a bit worried when I picked up the book.

Everything sort of resolves around the main character Nekhlyudov and his quest for spiritual awakening. My worries were confirmed. Cue Tolsoyan spiritual crisis.

Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy

She suffers a lot trying to live like any normal lady but everywhere she encounters persons beginning to beset her and making amorous advances to seduce her.

In other works of his that I have read, female characters were always portrayed with great care.

Secondly he should not commit adultery nor enjoy in the beauty of woman. Krivi ne mogu da sude krivima. He tries to get her punishment reduced.

View all 3 comments. Without these conditions, the terrible acts I witnessed today would be impossible in our times. View all 4 comments. And this is not just in France, but all over the world.

Guilt consumes, he is responsible for the girl’s situation, her decent to the bottom, the depravity, coarseness, both smoking, and drinking, just imaginethe ultimate degradation still, the scandalous living in an unrespectable residence too, an innocent woman until he spoiled her.


Starting out as a courtroom drama we soon get drawn int At half the size of ‘War and Peace’ and two thirds the length of ‘Anna Karenina’ Tolstoy’s Resurrection is every bit as epic, and probably his most controversial novel that appears to have strong political and religious implications as the backbone ingierea the story, and what a story.

View all 14 comments. There he recognizes Katyusha Maslova brought for trial for killing Mr. In one passage Tolstoy speaks about human nature in a realistic way, in the other he says it is solution to love everyone. How can we ‘correct’ people, by confining them behind bars, by inveirea them? These episodes are TOLDrather than shown.


Perhaps Resurrection is not Tolstoy at its best, but even so, this novel is a powerful piece of writing, a gem of philosophy and a great insight into Tolstoy’s thinking. The living conditions are vividly portrayed. Katyusha was sent out of the house of her grandmothers when she was found to conceive after meeting Nekhlyudov.

I honestly right now can not even attempt to state his main point, but I can say that Just finished this book and I am going to say that it rivals my favorite, “Sister Carrie. Private property is bad. More Sermon Than Story Leo Tolstoy’s last major novel is a twilight indictment of Russia’s criminal justice and penal systems. Return to Book Page.