Title: Informe Colombia – FMI, Author: Carlos Salazar, Length: 73 pages, Published: A data ROSC took place in and a fiscal ROSC in Su principal objetivo es hacer un diagnóstico sobre la situación local acerca del “ cumplimiento” de los estándares internacionales en materia. INFORME ROSC LINA ARDILA DARSI GUEVAR ¿QUE ES EL INFORME ROSC? 1. MARCO LEGAL: Requisitos jurídicos y legales del país.

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While pension funds represent a large and rapidly growing source of funds, they are reluctant to infoeme in equities. About 40 percent of the workers in the survey were interested in changing their job for a variety of physical and psychological reasons. At the same time, Colombian firms are expanding abroad, primarily across Central and South America.

On the financial front, the authorities are working on improving risk-based supervision and enhancing cross-border supervision, in line with Fund advice.

Amid increased volatility in financial markets, the Flexible Credit Line arrangement has also allowed Colombia to maintain orderly financial market conditions by providing a buffer against tail risks.

Success stories of privatizations volombia with good corporate governance highlight the importance of the issue. Outlays by the public pension regime are projected at about 4 percent of GDP in the coming years, but are projected to decline to 3 percent of GDP by They also recommended fostering colpmbia inclusion by reducing the cost of access to finance and developing products tailored to low-income households.

However, the low coverage of the pension system remains a source of potential future fiscal pressure. Staff projects the deficit of the central co,ombia to decline to 1. Staff and the authorities agreed that the SFC should be provided full supervisory powers over holding companies of financial institutions to broaden the scope of consolidated prudential requirements and resolution of conglomerates, and that capital ratios and buffers of banks that are part of financial and mixed groups should reflect their intragroup activities and future risks.

FDN is governed by a 7-member Executive Board, of which some are independent. Yet, some pockets of above average informality exist: The authorities are committed to significant fiscal consolidation, which is expected to reduce the public debt rpsc.


Informal workers in Colombia cut across all age, gender, and educational groups. Collmbia provision is adequate for surveillance.

The exchange rate does not appear to have been an important driver of manufacturing sector weakness. The domestic capital market continued to deepen and expand its product offerings, but remained dominated by government debt Box 7. Staff has also supported plans to increase coverage and colomhia in the pension system as well as efforts to contain health care costs, two areas in which the authorities are currently working. Education attainment of informal workers is varied, with only a small share of them, below 3 percent, with less than primary education, 29 percent with primary schooling, 23 percent reporting having a secondary school diploma and 29 percent with a high school degree.

These negative effects more than offset the benefits of stronger U. Colombia continues to rely on a flexible exchange rate to absorb external shocks.

Possible outward spillovers from Colombia are estimated to be limited. Only about a third about 7 million of the employed population about 21 million contributes to a pension regime, with 4.

External Sector Statistics The BdR is in charge of compiling and disseminating indorme of payments statistics. While regulatory limits to individual exposure exist, exceptions remain. Inthe share of persons employed in the ros sector in total non-agricultural employment was almost 60 percent.

Informe Colombia – FMI

In addition, non-wage costs constitute about colmbia percent of total labor costs for the average worker, compounding the effect of the high minimum wage on informal employment. After the announcement of the tapering by the U.

The exchange rate has been the main shock absorber. Effects on government bond yields Staff estimates suggest that changes in U. The average maturity of outstanding TES was 5 years as of end A small share of informal workers, below 10 percent, were very young or beyond retirement age.

These policies helped economic activity rebound strongly during the second half of the year. In the context of the Article IV consultation with Colombia, the following documents have been released and are included in this package: DANE currently compiles a monthly indicator of economic activity for internal purposes, but has decided to start disseminating it to the general public during the third quarter of The corporate sector is largely owned and controlled by family groups and conglomerates.


InColombia ranked out of countries according to the Global Competitiveness report on the quality of transport infrastructure. As of Marchagreement has been reached on two of the five topics under discussion.

INFORME ROSC by Reii Torres on Prezi

Such a consolidation is projected to be achieved primarily through expenditure restraint. The SFC exercises effective oversight of the banking system and is strengthening supervision further to fully implement a comprehensive risk management framework, including for conglomerates.

In the current account deficit stood at 3. Shocks in the region could affect Colombia through trade and financial channels. Going forward, the authorities have reaffirmed their commitment to adjust the policy rate as necessary as conditions warrant to keep inflation within the target range, to adhere to fiscal plans consistent with the medium-term fiscal framework, and to use the flexible exchange rate as a shock absorber.

Nonetheless, reserves measured relative to broad money, short-term external debt plus the current account deficit, and months of imports are still below the ratios prevailing prior to the global financial crisis of — Risks to the outlook are tilted to the downside. Informal workers are more likely to find themselves in precarious job situations.

The authorities responded that their assumption for oil production is conservative and the overall oil revenue projection over the medium-term is well balanced.

In addition, the SFC is currently participating in a joint study with the Fund of financial interconnectedness in Central America and among Colombia and Central America.