Floral Software and Simple Tips Can Increase Customer Engagement and In-Store Traffic

Getting customers into a florist’s shop takes creativity and time, especially with the wide availability of online floral purchase options. Below, readers will find several unique ways to increase visitor numbers in local flower shops.

Leverage Existing Customers

If a shop’s current customers don’t absolutely love it, the owner will have difficulty getting new people to visit. Cultivation of walk-in traffic requires owners to delight and surprise current customers. Consider:

  • Forming personal connections with customers
  • Making personal phone calls or sending handwritten notes to thank customers for their business
  • Have a flash sale just for current customers before announcing it to the public
  • Use floral software to find out customers’ birthdays, then send e-cards with a discount for their birthday month.

Look In From the Outside

If the shop is in an urban area with a high percentage of pedestrians, it pays to get to know those who walk by the store every day. Do these people window shop? Have they visited other floral shops first? Next, look at the shop’s window displays and signage, and think of ways to optimize them to bring in more customers.

Give People a Reason to Visit

Sometimes, owners simply have to take different approaches to bring people into their stores. Hold a brainstorming session with employees and find out what attracts them to different shops. Ideas may include:

  • Free gifts with purchase
  • Promotion of new and exciting items
  • Raffles where the customer has to be present to win

Giveaways are a great way to engage customers and help them form connections to the shop; they also instill a sense of indebtedness in consumers.

Hold In-Store Events

Hosting an event is a great way to bring people into the store for an experience they won’t find anywhere else. Don’t forget to publicize these events in the store, on the website, in ads, and through press releases.

With all these ways to bring traffic into a flower shop, it’s important to remember that most customers choose small businesses over large chains because of personal connections. Great customer service, happy faces, enthusiasm, and product knowledge will bring visitors in and turn them into repeat customers.