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A Comprehensive Guide on Networking with the Very Important Persons

1. Give them an equal treatment. Without a doubt, giving admiration and respect is incredibly remarkable, on the other hand, be sure not to fawn over these VIP people like they are a 13 year old girl about to attend a Justin Beiber concert. And too much admiration for these VIP people would bring you beneath them. It is vital that you do your very best to relate to these people that you are of equal value in which you certainly are. Yes, these very important people may have accomplished things that you really salute, but then again, they are just humans just like you. Be certain to set yourself up as an individual as a track to attaining goals on the road travelled by these people. Take into account that it will take time for your hard work as well as your perseverance will bring you to the goals that you want to achieve.

2. Don’t back off from a small talk. Be sure that you keep yourself updated with the current news particularly the ones that talk about the field of these VIPs. Relating to them by means of talking about the present news can be a great avenue to show your value and that you can relate to them on a common ground. And the small talks can start a great conversation and can lead the trail towards asking compelling questions which can be beneficial for you. Take into account that your goal is to have a connection with the VIP, as a result, if you see an open dorm for a small talk, then make sure to take it.

3. Present your value. What is it that special something in you that you possess that this person can see as beneficial for him or her? You can choose to give your services to them of no charge. Make certain that you back up your services with your talent that present business card, portfolio, or website ready to go.

4. Be concise. Don’t every try to make the VIP feel like they are your hostage. Make sure to examine the situation ahead of time. If this person is a super VIP – such as a vital political leader, then this may be your one and only encounter. Be certain that you plan things in advance on what you want to achieve during your conversation with them so as to make the most of your time while you are with them. And in a chance to meet with a more reachable VIP, be certain not to kill your hopes of establishing a valuable connection by means of monopolizing their time or irritating them.