Инструкции по эксплуатации для стиральных машин фирмы Indesit разных моделей. Найдите и скачайте Indesit BWSA L B . Indesit WITP zekazanie instrukcji wraz z maszyną, aby nowy właściciel Należy uważnie przeczytać instrukcję obsługi: zawiera .. 0,82 47,5 ‘ Indesit Company Spa. Are you looking for the the instruction manual of the Indesit WITP 82? View the user manual of this product directly and completely free.

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Sometimes, small items such as coins or buttons may fall into the pre-chamber that protects the pump, situated in the lower part of the same. Anti-crease Reduces fabric creasing, making ironing easier. The Lid locked Led flashes.

Indesit WITP 82 user manual – – Solve your problem

Table of Contents Page: To recover any objects that have fallen into the pre- chamber: At the end of the wash programme, some water will be left in compartment 3.

The washing machine fails to load water. Wash them separately without exceeding half the appliance load. Below you will find previews of the content of the user manuals presented on the following pages to Indesit WITP The wash cycle won’t start.

The information contained in the table is purely indicative. If this LED is on, the appliance Lid is locked to prevent it instrukja being opened accidentally; to avoid any damages, you must wait for the lamp to flash before you open the Lid. Children should be supervi. We recommend the use of liquid detergent.


The crossed out “wheeled bin” symbol on the product reminds you of your obligation, that when you dispose of the appliance it must be separately collected. If you want to quickly view the wit of pages found on the following pages of the manual, you can use them. Make sure there are no kinks or bends in the hose.

By using the ‘Select a language’ button, you can choose the language of the manual you want to view. When a function is selected, the corresponding button is illuminated.

Wip the four protective screws and the rubber washer with the respective spacer, situated on the rear of the appliance see figure. Detergent for the wash cycle powder or liquid Liquid detergent should only be poured in immediately prior to the wash cycle start.

Please remember to pour the bleach into extra compartment 4 see page This will limit the wear of your appliance’s water system and also prevent leaks. Install the washing machine on a flat sturdy floor, without resting it up against walls, furniture cabinets or other.


Инструкции к стиральным машинам Indesit

The knob stays still during the cycle. However, if you do not want to take up too much of your disk space, you can always download it in the future from ManualsBase. This appliance is compliant with the following European Community Directives: Then clean the dispenser under a tap fig. Load your laundry into the washing machine, add the detergent and any fabric softener see page 8 and shut the appliance door.

Saving on detergent, waterenergy and time.

Indesit WITP 82 manual

How to open and to close the drum Cycle phase under way: The temperature can be lowered, or even set to a cold wash. Connect the other instrukcia of the water inlet hose to the washing machine, screwing it onto the appliance’s cold water inlet, situated on the top right-hand indeesit on the rear of the appliance see figure. When pouring the softener in compartment 3, avoid exceeding the “max” level indicated.

Old app lian ces mus t be co llec ted sep arat ely in o r der to.

Functions To enable a function: