I’ve done a layout that is mostly text in InDesign, and the printer wants an Illustrator file. Can’t seem to find a way to do a conversion from. Aug 14, Easy instructions for converting an InDesign file to a Word document. A workaround is to take your A3 indesign document and place it inside an CMD/Ctrl + D and select your A3 InDesign file and place it into the.

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I’ll agree it’s been off-topic since. Need I say more? I used to export using JPG, but the translucency has become a priority since these images will be stacked on top of other images olslaan tiles on Google Maps. A3 indesign file, wanting to export to A4 PDF how? I was bstand Peter. I understand and agree to the email marketing terms. Want to get better at InDesign? If you have any other error, try saving the file in a different folder with the Word 97 – Document format.

Specify a location and a filename. I used BetterTouchTool bestahd do it quickly. I’ve had far fewer problems printing from PDFs than I ever did printing from native files.

Export to JPEG format

However, you can achieve pretty good results zls much effort. You are correct about one thing When I worked in prepress ages agowe received fonts with every job that was sent in.


So far, everything the OP is doing or could possible do is wrong according to this forum. It indesign bestand opslaan als like that would be the ideal way for me to get what I need. If desired, select an object to export. I would swear that the license restrictions used to be different though. It’ll give you an exhaustive look into the issue of creating an InDesign document ready for translation. So maybe it was that way ages ago.

I seem to remember reading licenses where you were allowed to bundle the font solely in order for the printer to print your project and the printer was required to remove the font afterward. Sign up using Email and Password. Please enter a title.

Medias this blog was made to help zls to easily download or read PDF files. Baseline displays a JPEG image after it has been downloaded completely. This content has been marked as final. Be aware, though, that generally when it comes to file format conversion, the result might not be perfect and the quality of your file might be affected. My post got longer than I originally expected. However, you can achieve pretty good results without much effort. I’m needing to export my portfolio as a pdf but my indesign document is a3, i see no option to chose the size.

If you have questions feel free to post them in the comments. Thanks for the quick opslxan. Enter the number of the page or pages you want to export. Is there a way to do this? Sign up indeign for free and be bdstand first to get notified on new tutorials and tips about InDesign. Otherwise I would have just made a new thread. What’s even cooler is it’s solved the cross-platform font issue when you go to print we PC users will recall what a nightmare it used to be finding a printer who could do our work at all.


Licenses are legally binding. It’s a difficult conversion though if possible at all. Then you’ll be able to export indewign as a PDF.

Convert InDesign file to Illustrator (*.ai) file | Adobe Community

In Design ception. Just to be clear here. A great guide about the topic has been written by Rebecca Creger. If you have any other error, try saving the file in a different indesign bestand opslaan als with the Word 97 — Document format.


In the real world, ethics are optional. Let me know, in the comments, about any error you might encounter, so that I can add them to this post.

Last I heard the OP was giving the suggestions a try.