Ibrahim 1, × 1,; 72 KB. 0 references. sex or gender · male. 0 references. country of citizenship · Senegal. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia. Shyakh Ibrahim Niass (d. ), on the other hand, has been known as the leader of the Tijaniyyah who had numerous followers throughout the country. It is our. Q| Would you be able to teach me how to make salah in accordance to what our Master, Shaykhu 3 l-Islam Ibrahim Niasse, may Allah be well-pleased with him.

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This change came about when the talibes were once reading from Sahib al-Bukhari to Baye, and they read that the iqama was made like niasss in front of the Prophet. They are men of Shari ah and tariqah. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. This article needs additional citations for verification.

I was well received at Kano. In the Ruhu 3 l-adab, Shaykh Ibrahim, may Allah be well-pleased with him, advises the seekers: His works has affected the Islamic hemisphere as well as politics, independence, seeking of knowledge, tasawwuf, morals, poetry, travelogue, etc. A Indeed, salah is the most important pillar of Islam. From Wikipedia, the ibraihm encyclopedia. This was because his father being a great scholar of Arabic and Islamic Studies and a pious Muslim.

Young Ibrahim was trained in sufism under his father till he reached a high position. As for us talibe s; niqss are not all required to become Malikis in order to be good Tijaniyyin.

The Shaykh on his own part did this that he took full advantage of the opportunity; he proved that he was really thoroughly grounded in the field of sufism. He participated in many international Muslim conferences which he addressed. Brotherly unity has also been emphasised in Islam as exemplified by the cohesive bond made by the Prophet salla lahu alaihi wa sallam between the Ansar and Muhajjirun in Madina.


He exemplified the niase teachings of Islam based solely on the Quran and Sunnah and has spent his entire life and energy towards the propagation and teaching of Islam as well as naiss of its cause on an international arena, an unsurpassed feat in recent ibrahkm that got him the title of Shaykh ul Islam highly knowledgeable and adept in all field in Islam by the leading scholars and professors of Al Azhar University in Cairo Egypt.

Instead they detested such practices. It is said that all who listened to him on this occasion accepted his leadership. May the eternal blessings of Allah be upon the quintessential light of divine treasures Muhammad, and upon his progeny, companions and the golden chain of spiritual inheritors and transmitters.

He also studied various branches of Islamic knowledge under him.

It is worthy to note that Shaykh Dahiru Abubakar Kurmi was also the personal secretary, Son-in-law and a very fervent student to Shaykh Sani Auwal RTA who had accumulated vast knowledge, experience and blessings from Sheikh Sani Awwal in the affairs of the tariqa and Islam.

Shaykh Ibrahim, may Allah be well-pleased with him, clearly states in his Diwan entitled SulwatiPs-shujun: Diamond Bank OR Account name: We own nothing of it. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.


In his Diwan, Shaykh Ibrahim, may Allah be well-pleased with him, showers high praise on the four Imams of the Sunni madhahib.

The muqaddam of the zawiyah there, al-hajj Ibrahim b. Some of these preferred Sunna practices were: My Faith is prayer and fasting, and the obligation of alms- giving, and the Pilgrimage and marriage, for this Din will survive forever.

Cheikh Ibrahim Niass

Baye, may Allah be well-pleased with him, says in his Diwan entitled Nuru 3 l-haqq: If a person does not tarnish his reputation with foul behaviour then every dress he wears is beautiful! From to he was almost certainly involved in an acute emotional and spiritual crisis which deepened his preoccupation with mysticism His disciples seized this opportunity to publicize his charismatic personality. The first one was the issue of tarbiyah, and the second was his method of training. But we are also Tijani, and niaes puts extra responsibility on us.

This was important for me.

Ibrahim Niass

Subsequently, if he is like that, then he has authority over others, and not vice-versa; as he is much closer to the truth than the one with no [spiritual] Opening. Others such as Gamel Abdul-Nasser of Egypt were all friends niase him. Such leaders included Shaykh Gibrim of Nguru 19 who is said to have accepted the claim of Shaykh Ibrahim after he had made a resort to ‘istikharah on the issue.