A Ruger SP is likely in my future. I learned of a series of books called IBOK’s ( Iowegan’s Books of Knowledge). They used to be available for. I bought a new SP a few days ago, did the IBOK action smoothing, and then decided to try giving it a mirror polish. I have a lot of experience. Post subject: SP mods. Post . He re-did the IBOK, removed the offending schematic and added LOTS more pics and now he charges for it.

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You want the longer one. I can do almost anything needed on abut apparently I can barely field strip a revolver!

The latch should drop then pop back up and drag on the cylinder. I was on my hands and ibom looking for it.

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Hogue offers a myriad of configurations and wood choices for grips. It should spin freely with no binds. Lift the hammer out of the frame. JMHO Read post 29 on this thread. Lapping spp101 help reduce fouling but does very little for accuracy or velocity.

I would like to smooth it out the trigger is a little sharp on the edges so I would like to round all the ep101 edges the entire gun. I thought no big deal.

Ruger SP Trigger Job Guide

Wow man, what a great read and reference. It must be smooth or DA trigger pull will feel raspy.


To install endshake ibk, put a drop of oil on the end of the crane tube and another drop on the front tube flange. Dec 20, Use a big plastic bag, please!

The lighter spring felt really good on the trigger pull. Many times, specs are borrowed from another firearm brand and are meaningless due to different designs. After completing all the work outlined, I was amazed at the result and would do it to any Ruger revolver that I own in the future.

Yes, my password is: Ubok you very, very much for posting this. Insert the end of the front latch part 13 with the squared step into the lower long slot of the ejector rod.

Then Saint Iowegan provided the books for free in the “library” on this website until some folks screwed it up for everyone remember the Golden Rule: Dec 17, 8. Insert the latch pivot pin part To test, cock the hammer and apply considerable forward pressure to the top of the hammer. Remove the front sight part There are similar problems with many Ruger guns — rifles as well as hanguns. Most of the parts are contained by push-out pins or spring-loaded plungers and a mere 3 iboj.

It will go on about half way before it contacts the plunger. I would truly appreciate it if someone could hook me up with a copy. If the barrel is threaded into the frame improperly, the front sight will tilt to one side or the other.


While the Match Champion is priced much higher than the GP, and has many external differences such as a slimmed-down frame and shorter barrel lug for less weightthe internal changes could easily be incorporated into the GP and other Ruger revolvers for the moderate price increase.

First iblk some rounds through it.

Ruger SP101 IBOK

Ibko the gun with the muzzle down and insert the front tab of the trigger guard assembly into the frame notch. Clean the bore and forcing cone thoroughly before inspecting. This will make the chamber mouth have somewhat of a cone shape and will allow wadcutters or semi-wadcutters to chamber without stubbing on the chamber mouths. I am kind of different but I like adjsutaable sights on all my guns.

I mostly attribute spp101 accuracy to the thinner sights, compared to my Glock and Shield, but still.

The SP101 Club

Very intersting and well written- thanx. Wow what a fine article. IBOK trigger job to a 1.