In this engrossing book, Maria Dzielska searches behind the legend to bring us the She takes us back to the Alexandria of Hypatia’s day, with its Library and. In this engrossing book, Maria Dzielska searches behind the legend to bring us the real story of Hypatia’s life and death, and new insight into her colorful world. John Toland. Hypatia or the History of a most beautiful, most virtuous, most learned and in every way accomplished lady, who was torn to pieces by the clergy of.

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It seems she was stripped, was cut to pieces and killed and then was burned by a Christian mob. Msria of her students became Bishops. Mar 09, Madeline rated it it was amazing Shelves: Other than debating the year of her birth, her maternal origins aren’t even mentioned, much less examined.

Oh, how we are enamored by philosophercide!

In that way, she is murdered twice. But still, this book gave me plenty mwria avenues to explore later on regarding Hypatia, both factual and fictional. Thankfully, the author does a careful job of cutting through all of the mythology that has grown around this famous historical figure and presents an interesting and compelling portrait of her.

The result is a dzielskaa example of demythologizing scholarship… [It] deserves to be read by anyone studying ancient gender or her time period [and] is a delight to read, in a translation which is light and natural. Have you ever noticed how reality is never half as much fun as the myth? History of Western Philosophy.

Cyril, or perhaps just his supporters, alexandrla that getting Hypatia out of the picture was what was called for. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. The murder was well planned and had its desired political effect: Hypatia lived in the late 4th and early 5th centuries CE in Alexandria.

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Hypatia of Alexandria by Maria Dzielska

Ancient, To C Such literary treatments include Gibbon, Voltaire, and numerous less famous writers, all of whom either created or embellished a story not based maira history, revolving around a supposed beautiful young pagan philosopher, the last line of defense of Greek philosophy and thought, hater of Christianity, opposed to Christian irrationality and obscurantism, and murdered by the Christians as a result.

But she lived in a city with a massive Christian public sector.

Harvard University Press, In order to correct this, it provides an examination of the culture of Alexandria of Hypatia, with its Library and Museion, pagan cults and the pontificate of Saint Cyril, Jewish community and Greek culture, and circles of philosophers, mathematicians, astronomers, and militant Christians. Dzielska tries to give body and flesh to Hypatia but has little to work with here. Hypatia scholars Serapeum Simplicius Socrates Socrates Scholasticus sophrosyne sources spiritual student of Hypatia’s studies with Hypatia Suda Synesius Synesius asks Synesius of Cyrene teacher teaching temple Theodosius Theon Theophilus theurgy virtues wisdom woman philosopher women writings young Zintzen.

Dzielska suggests that we do actually have extant texts from the hands of Hypatia, but these are only editions of older texts, nothing in her own voicewe actually get a better picture of the two men than we do of her.

This volume searches behind the legend to provide a new perspective on Hypatia’s life and death. But, her position as a woman functioning within a blatantly patriarchal social, political and religious structure must be addressed for us to fully understand the implications of her death as well as her contributions to the sciences. Maria Xlexandria claims dziflska her book has corrected some distortions of the Hypatia story, as it has grown up in the west over the last few centuries: Hypatia, though, unlike most exemplars used in identity politics, actually was very accomplished, and recognized or such in her time.

Hypatia—brilliant mathematician, eloquent Neoplatonist, and a woman renowned for her beauty—was brutally murdered by a mob of Christians in Alexandria in Science Logic and Mathematics. As I said, a well-researched book, written with a very critical eye assessing the available sources vs.


Hypatia of Alexandria

There are some little adjustments that need to be made to the standard myth in this case and this book does a good job in presenting its case — even convincing me, who really did want to believe all of this myth, to be honest.

The book was obviously a scholarly work, which I sometimes have more difficulty in speeding through, depending on the language. Hypatia–brilliant mathematician, eloquent Neoplatonist, and a woman renowned for her beauty–was brutally murdered by a mob of Christians in Alexandria in Surely a top scholar would feel an obligation to ground this material adequately at the beginning of her argument as well.

This book is an academic text and could have done with being re-drafted to tell the story in a bit more lively fashion. Historians and po Hypatia–brilliant mathematician, eloquent Neoplatonist, and a woman renowned for her beauty–was brutally murdered by a mob of Christians in Alexandria in The one weakness I would cite is that since there is so little information or primary sources about Hypatia, scholars, Dzielska included, have to extrapolate an idea from correspondence between several of her former students.

Since then, variations on this theme have been modestly common in Western writers, although the additional use of Hypatia as a pawn in the identity politics wars is new. However, you go away with a better sense of what we know and what we don’t know about this extraordinary woman, and you are better armed against believing everything you see in fiction about her.

Excellent monograph on the life of, and literary history about, Hypatia of Alexandria; nicely sourced as well.