“Kumari Kandam refers to a mythical lost continent with an ancient Tamil civilization, to What is the history of the Tamil Kumari Kandam (Lemuria continent)?. Just like Atlantis, the story behind Lemuria and Kumari Kandam is a fascinating one. Kumari Kandam is a lost continent home o the Ancient. A. Sutherland – – Kumari Kandam is the legendary sunken continent, mentioned in several works of Tamil literature and.

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This city was sunken, too.

He named this submerged land Lemuriaas the concept had its origins in his attempts to explain the presence of lemur -like primates strepsirrhini on these three disconnected lands. According to the most versions, the original culture of Kumari Kandam survived in Tamil Nadu. The Third Sangam was supposedly located in the current city of Madurai, the then capital city of Pandiyan King, and lasted for years.

While most Tamil revivalists did not enumerate or list the lost Sangam works, some came up with their names, and even listed their contents.

Rama commissions a massive building project to construct a bridge to transport his army of Vanara ape men across the ocean to Lanka. Till this day, opinion is still divided as to whether this story should be understood literally or taken merely as a morality tale.

15 Things you should know about the lost continent of Kumari Kandam

A farmer in Burkina Faso looked to his ancestors and came up with an innovative solution. There were 49 Pandiyan kings during this period. This map showed the 49 nadu s mentioned by Adiyarkunallar, and appears in the Tamil Nadu government’s documentary.


In the 20th century, the Tamil writers started using the name “Kumari Kandam” to describe this kandaj continent. The term Kumari Kandam “Kumari continent” was first used to describe Lemuria in hisgory s. Some know about the legendary lost continent of Lemuria and the semi-mythical land of Hjstory Kandam as well. They often misquoted or miscited the words of Western scholars to grant credibility to their assertions.

Lemuria would have been exposed. In the s, the Lemuria concept was popularized by the Tamil revivalists to counter the dominance of Indo-Aryans and Sanskrit. And thank you for your well stated comment. These claims were repeated in the school and college textbooks of Tamil Nadu throughout the 20th century.

The Lost Continent of Kumari Kandam

Modern theories find supportive evidences both in ancient literature and language history According to Blanford, the landmass had submerged due to volcanic activity during the Cretaceous period. The documentary funded by Government of Tamil Nadu declared it as the “world’s first travelogue “.

The walls are about feet high in most places and are not Various measures have been taken to counter the negative effects, with some providing better results than others. Yet, stories about an ancient land submerged by the Indian Ocean have been recorded in many earlier Tamil literary works.

Hiwtory old is the Tarot?

The Chronology of the Early Tamils. You must have JavaScript enabled to use this form.

Kumari Kandam – Wikipedia

Savariroyan Pillai, writing a few years later, described Kumari Kandam as a seat of learning and culture. More information about text formats. It shot a flaming arrow across the heavens which burst into thousands of fragments, Such claims were repeated by several others, including M.


According to these kumsri, an ancient Tamil civilization existed on Lemuria, before it was lost to the sea in a catastrophe. This was birthplace of the Red Race. Many authors indicate that the people of Tamil belong to the oldest civilization on the surface hisfory the planet and when the continent of Kumari Kandam was lost to the sea, its people migrated to other parts of the planet founding different civilizations.

Yet, the idea of a lost continent refused to die, and some still believe that Lemuria was an actual continent that existed in the past. So, how much truth is there in the story of Kumari Kandam? After the Dravidian parties came to power in the Madras State electionsthe Kumari Kandam theory was disseminated more widely through school and college textbooks.

I have been communicating with a group of beings in the non-physical levels of existence through a channel that works with them to bring enlightenment. The map depicted two different versions of Kumari Kandam: This view has been sought to be reinforced by the Lemurian theory.

James P Crothers Jr wrote on 10 September, – Vimana Temples — A However, some scientists are taking kandxm new look at these remedies because some are believed to hold the key to fighting deadly diseases and infections. Arunachalam claimed that the land was ruled by female rulers Kumari s.