About The Book Hatharatnavali is an important treatise on Hathayoga and Tantra written by Srinivasa Bhatta Mahayogendra ( A.D.) but not popular. Documents Similar To Rasarnavakalpa. Uploaded by. Purushottam Gupta. The Rasarnava Sudhakara of Simhabhupala. Important Features of Hatha Ratnavali the Yogic Text of Srinivasa Yogi . Hathapradipika it is not widely known to the yoga seekers and still it is.

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Similarly, the word sukarana, which is a synonym of khecariis appropriate rather than sukharati. He should stay alone in a small cottage. After a brief account of the title of Hatharatnavali the detailed account of manuscript material, its date, nativity of Srinivasabhatta, his works, shortcomings, Yamas and Niyama are given in a concise manner.

This is padmasana respected by all. Inhale the air through the throat and exhale also through the throat.

Just as the reflection mirror appears tarnished due to the face having been coloured, similarly, ignorance conceals wisdom due to which people are illusioned. Moreover, the visnu-granthi is pierced through, various sounds like that of kettle drum etc. Those who are pious, courageous, have gained insight into reality and are free from jealousy, attain success in yogabut not those who’are envious.

We also more or less agree hattha this period of HR. Slowly draw the external air through the right nostril in such a manner that the air causes a friction in the throat upto the heart and a sonorous sound is produced. Details are avoided, for the fear of great elaboration. Then the fire and apana take their original form, which intensify the bodily fire.

The length of the cloth for dhauti seems to vary ratnavalu different traditions. Press the two ankles with each other and raise them up. Proper practice of pranayama alleviates all the diseases, whereas improper practice of pranayama invites all the disorders.


Pinda the human — microcosmic body and brahmanda the macrocosmic body are mentioned.

The index of half-verses gives at a glance all of the verses alphabetically arranged. SKS 15 describes three kinds of cakrinamely, urdh va-cakri, madhya-cakri and adhascakri. Although in this verse, vajrasanamuktasana and guptasana are considered synonyms rztnavali siddhasanaother authorities, however, make differentiation in these four variations of siddhasana.

The general technique of mahamudra consists of the combination of four different practices, namely, siddhasana, pascimatanakumbhaka and application of bandhas. Preface After a pretty long gap the second edition of the “Hatharatnavali” is now in the hands of yoga lovers. One inhales forcefully producing a sonorous sound resembling that of a male bee and exhales quite slowly, while making the sound like that of a female bee.


Practise sakticalana as told before, like one milks a cow. The asanas which have been described by him are as follows: He was a disciple of nagarjuna and residing at Nevasa in Maharastra, which was then the main centre of rasesvara tradition. All the ailments like consumption, skin disease, constipation, glandular enlargement, indigestion and many others are cured by the practice of mahamudra.

He was the son of Timmaya and Somamba. Venkata Reddy who is associated with me, since I was very pleased with the meticulous method of shipping.

Hatharatnavali by Srinivasayogi | Yogaspirit

Except the mention in the beginning about the name of the commentator, no information about his period, his personality, his tradition or his works is available. Hopefully, this suggestion of purification of the cakras through the practice of various karmas may open new vistas of investigation. Thus all can attain success. To attribute mahamudra ranavali vasistha is a revelation of new information ii. For example, alongwith the mention of 84 asanas, he also mentions 84 pranayamas which do not seem to have any traditional bearing.


For the fear of inflation of the text ratnavall elaborate discussion of all the topics could not be attempted by the author, yet there are some new topics like pinda-brahmanda- nirupana, haths, number of tattvas, which seem essential for the students of spiritual culture, which have been included in the fourth chapter.

In the light of the above discussion, it can be unhesitatingly said that this treatise ratnavai refuting the prevalent ideas and introduction of new thoughts in a lucid manner, gives a special place for Hatharantavali among the texts of Hatha Yoga. He calls himself parvati-putra.

His mention about the control of fickle mind through the purification of vayu by performing basti is certainly valuable i. Place one foot on the opposite thigh and the other foot under the opposite thigh and remain steady. For details, refer to YM yog. In many texts of hathayoga, there is a mention of 84 asanas. IS Chapter I in all the cavities of the abdomen during nauli. From sabda emanated akasa spacefrom sparsa touch emanated vayufrom these two and rupa form emanated vahni firefrom these and rasa taste emanated ambhas water and from these and gandha smell emanated bhu earth.

As one gradually progresses, sticking to such food may not be necessary. The synonyms of pihgala are: Retain the air in the prescribed manner and exhale through candra left nostril.