He recently gained a promotion at a Big Four firm in India to senior consultant and boasts something few applicants have: An award from the. Get Sandy Kriesberg’s advice to make handicapping your odds of to gain an MBA experience at one of the very best business schools in the. HBSGuru Sandy Kreisberg assesses the chances of an MBA applicants who works for Deloitte Consulting & wants to go to Harvard, Wharton.

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Registration provides access to exclusive content and features. Log in to stop seeing this registration popup. This year-old professional has spent the past five years in ever increasing roles of responsibilty at General Motors in sales and marketing IT. With a computer science degree from Northwestern, she also has felt strongly about promoting the idea of women in tech fields. Her ultimate post-MBA goal: To lead the way for gender parity in industry.

This year-old Asian American professional will have ahndicapping five years in the insurance industry, most recently as a product mangement analyst. Do they have the raw stats and experience to get in?


Handicapping Your Elite MBA Odds: Ms. Agri-Chemical Compliance

Or will they get dinged by their dream schools? Please add your age and be clear on hahdicapping sequence of your jobs in relaying work experience. Make sure you let us know your current job. And if you just have a short question, he is happy to answer that, too. So just post it in the comment section below. Great way to put it.

Handicapping Your Elite MBA Odds

Not sure I fully understand your technical role, but neither will most adcoms, and you can explain it more in other parts of the application. Adcoms dig that for several reasons. Was not prepared for the engineering curriculum.

And the rest of your story is super. And there is no doubt of your ability to do the work at any school, so swallowing in this case is just swallowing whatever quantum hit they will take in the magazine rankings. Like every school they will love your story. I think they might. For one thing, uandicapping got a huge class, so any reputational hit, small to begin with, will be even smaller.

And as noted, there is no question you could do the work, even the quant work such ykur it is over there.


Yale will do the same analysis, and to the extent that Yale has become one of the most GMAT concerned schools of the CE, they will chuckle over the fact that in your case, it is actually a GRE score, soooooooo, they do not have to report that in the all-important GMAT column. The other schools on your list will be doing the same analysis. I think for them, it is just a matter of proving to them that you want to come.

Byrne on September 10, 83 Comments 12, Views. To pivot to product marketing management at a FAANG-level firm, continuing my woman-in-tech representation work, hopefully with company support.

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