A reevaluation of Hanau’s Laws of Articulation and the Hanau Quint. D.D.S., . Bernard Levin. x. Bernard Levin. Search for articles by this author. [R. L. Hanau, contemporary American dentist] The five determinants or variables that affect occlusal contacts. They are the orientation of the occlusal plane, the. Cah Prothese. Jul;5(19) [The Hanau quint]. [Article in French]. Ogolnik R. PMID: ; [Indexed for MEDLINE]. Publication Types: English.

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The Quad is relatively easy to understand and use. A literature review, part I.

Complete Dentures – Hanau’s Quint | Foundation for Oral-facial Rehabilitation

Although this force may vary in magnitude and direction, it must always be resisted by supporting tissues. According to the concept, the occlusal surface of the mandibular posterior teeth had been reduced to increase the stability of the dentures. Dentate status can affect diet, nutritional status, and general health.

Balanced Occlusion is defined as the bilateral, simultaneous, anterior, and posterior occlusal contact of teeth in centric and eccentric positions. The hahau of the occlusal plane, the incisal guidance, and the condylar guidance.

Hanau’s quint

In centric occlusion, the masticatory forces directed toward the ridges [ Figure 1a ]. Then thorough patient quit, motivation, and regular recall will preserve the health of the supporting structures for the longer period.


InRudolph L. In centric occlusion b French’s concept: In centric occlusion b Gysi’s concept: A balanced articulation appears to be most appropriate because of tooth contacts observed during nonfunctional activities of patients.

However, it will last for 17 min in a day. The distal of the second molar can also be elevated to produce a compensating curve for protrusive balance [ Figure 4a ].

The static relations in occlusion include centric occlusion, protrusive occlusion, right and left lateral occlusion. Each case should be thoroughly evaluated based on the hard and soft tissue anatomy, resorption pattern, neuromuscular control, and the patient compliance.

Concepts of occlusion in prosthodontics: A literature review, part I

The hwnau guidance is usually auint from the patient’s esthetic and phonetic requirements. In right lateral position Click here to view. The force exerted in the incisor area dropped to nine pounds. The lott concept[ 2367 ] He stated the laws as follows: Some dentists believe there should be cusps on the teeth and that they must be in complete harmony with the dynamics of temporomandibular joint function.

[The Hanau quint].

Cuspless teeth are teeth designed without cuspal prominence on the occlusal surface. Advanced Search Users Online: Essentials of Complete Qjint Prosthodontics.

Consequences of wearing the same complete dentures for a long period are attrition of artificial acrylic teeth and loss of occlusion. J Indian Prosthodont Soc ; Occlusal rehabilitation in complete denture fall into four quitn concepts[ 4 ] Unbalanced articulation. In extreme working lateral position, contacts on both cusps incline, contact force are also directed outside the ridges [ Figure 1b ].


It has been determined by studies that measured quimt force necessary to masticate food can vary from 5 to pounds with natural teeth. Financial support and sponsorship Nil.

He eliminated the plane of orientation since its location is highly variable within the available inner ridge hannau. According to Brien R. In right lateral position.

The condylar guidance is fixed and is recorded from the patient. Thielemann subsequently simplified Hanau’s factors in a formula for balanced articulation.

The articulation quint Click here to view.

French concept[ 5 ] According to the concept, the occlusal surface of the mandibular posterior teeth had been reduced to increase the stability of the dentures. Nonanatomical teeth can be used with balancing ramps. It appears, therefore, that the hanaau complete denture wearer has barely adequate force for the work required during mastication.

J Indian Prosthodont Soc.