Hey guys – I really need some advice. Recently I’ve suffered a couple humbling losses playing the white side of the giuoco piano. I like this. The Giuoco Piano is a popular chess opening from the beginner levels all the way up to grandmaster. Giuoco Piano translates from Italian into the “quiet game” . Giuoco Pianissimo[edit]. With 4.d3, White plays the Giuoco Pianissimo (Italian: ” very quiet game”). White aims for a slow buildup deferring d4 until it can be.

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Hey guys – I really need some advice. Recently I’ve suffered a couple humbling losses playing the white side of the giuoco piano. I like this opening because it doesn’t ‘give’ black anything, but it doesn’t seem to give me anything either Or more likely, I’m just playing it incorrectly.

Openings You Must Know: Giuoco Piano! –

I checked a database. One move that is more popular for White is 5. That’s all I could suggest the moment, without looking very deeply.

I think you’re supposed to gain as much space as possible with your queenside pawns – play b4 when you have the chance instead of letting yourself get a hole there as in the first game. And don’t let the white-squared bishop get swapped off – it’s a key piece. Finally, I believe a common manoeuvre is Re1 and develop the QN to d2, f1 and either e3 or g3.

I think d4 is played too soon.

U are not enough developped and giucoo centre is vulnerable. Some moves later, u have to close centre with d5 because u couldn hold the centreand black was able to launch an tacck, KI mode.


Typical when centre blocked. Instead of d4, the usual idea is to bring the Nb1 to g3: Why giving your Bc4? Strong piece, so Ba2 was giuico right move, when u threatens b4 forking Then here we go after black avoids the fork for the manoeuvre Nd2-Nf1-Ng I don’t like your Actually the only way to some sort of chances for white is Sveshnikov’s line 5.

Both books are excellent resources for learning this opening.

This is a superb book for learning key openings giuooco this one pianissimo for instance the Italian with Nc3, so popular among beginners and young players.

After mastering these openings, it can be useful to go with the Pianissimo to improve, but understanding this key opening Giuoco Piano is helpful. You’ve got a middle game problem.

You don’t seem to have any idea how to figure out the strategic requirements of the position.

C50: Giuoco Pianissimo

In game two you fall pretty to simple tactic. If you had recognized what was going on in the position You had a good N vs bad B you could have restrained his freeing f-pawn push with an easy positional advantage, but the truth is there’s simply not much strategy will do for you if you can’t see Rxe4??

Wow this really blew up overnight. Thanks guys – it’s pretty awesome getting such good feedback from stronger players. HotspurJr – agree this is fiuoco a middlegame issue. IM poucin – I appreciate your analysis.

Giuoco Piano | Chess Opening

Going over my game again, I can see what you mean about d4 being premature. I shouldve played Be3 instead. Also Ba2 instead of letting him capture the LSB JMurakami – Thanks for the good advice. That’s another problem with existing databases: I’m working on such problems with my own customized search software, but that’s a long way off from working.


People here were mentioning the Giuoco Piano versus the Giuoco Pianissimo. When I checked the database against the OP’s games, the Pianissimo page never appeared, so that confused me a little.

Are the OP’s two posted games really Pianissimo lines? I didn’t take the time to check on that. Actually the modern way to handle the d3 lines is like 1.

Dec 11, 1. Dec 11, 2. Dec 11, 3. Dec 11, 4.

Dec 12, 5. Dec 12, 6. Dec 12, 7. Dec 12, 8. Dec 12, 9. Dec 12, Notice in the first game after you played I think it’s a mistake to think of this as an opening problem. Dec 13, Moret’s chapter one is indeed Giuoco Pianissimo, but with Nc3 instead of c3.

Usually when talking about Giuoco Pianissimo, we mean positions with c3-d3. You might try www. Log In or Join. Coaching Recommendations to help with Opening Preparation benonidoni 9 min ago.

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