As baskets with welded mesh, Gabions Weldmesh can be used as retaining walls. Discover more about Betafence gabions. Zenturo gabion wall is built with specific posts to create your design fencing wall. Easier to install than standard gabions, result is very appealing and amazing. A gabion is a cage, cylinder, or box filled with rocks, concrete, or sometimes sand and soil for than stepped. The term is in wide usage, but in contexts related to gabions at least, appears to be a trademark registered by Betafence Limited.

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Stone fence system | Gabion stonewall | Betafence

Installation A gabion wall blocks all wind! Most of our products are guaranteed up to 10 years, depending on type, gabiln, and location. Established inthis international school has a focused education in the english language for children Our offer By product range Fencing panels.

We understand that the need to feel safe has become prevalent and we are committed to protecting everything people cherish and value.

Sound reduction certification Gabion Stonewall reduction noise is tested by a certified Laboratory measurement of airborne sound insulation of building elements. Make sure the posts are anchored deep enough in the soil with concrete. How to install our noise reductive Gabion Stonewall?

Spacers Zincalu coated habion are mandatory to avoid bending of the panels after infill installation. The last certificate issued in June by ZUS can be download here.


Search form Search this site. Gabion walls are usually battered angled back towards the slopeor stepped back with the slope, rather than stacked vertically.


getafence We manage our waste and monitor all production processes with care, transparency, and reliability. Your Zenturo privacy wall will be created with Zenturo Super betqfence, rectangular Zenturo posts, and specifics accessories. All designed, gabion walls should be checked by a suitably qualified structural engineer on site prior to construction. Gabion stepped weirs are commonly used for river training and flood control; the stepped design enhances the rate of energy dissipation in the channel, and it is particularly well suited to the construction of gabion stepped weirs.

Search Contact Dealer locator. Beach evolution Coastal erosion Land reclamation Longshore transport Modern recession of beaches Stream restoration Stream restoration.

These products come with an installation guide that can also be found below on this page or on the Betafence Group Youtube Channel.

Technical Information Specifications Gabions assortment Gabion: Bookmark Contact Media library. Known as the world leader in perimeter protection for more than yearsour products are available in more than countries with 30 sales offices, agencies, wholesalers, retailers and fence erectors. Never exceed the maximum wall height: Search Contact Dealer locator. Skip to main content. Posts are not drilled, so you can position your “moustache” fixations at your ease.

Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates. Our specialized team will propose the most suitable approach to the specific situation, the security level required and the risk assessment analyze. Skip to main content. There are various special designs of gabions to meet particular functional requirements and some special terms for particular forms have come into use. Other colours on request. Cone penetration test Standard penetration test Monitoring well piezometer Borehole Crosshole sonic logging Nuclear densometer test Static load testing Trial pit.


We distinguish five functionalities which are: We aim to use the best technologies and materials available to guarantee sustainable development. Fencing Gates Gabions Industrial mesh. Have a look to our re-deployable protection fence!

A long list of recognized products known for their resistance to our environment. On-site Cone penetration test Standard penetration test Monitoring well piezometer Borehole Crosshole gabikn logging Nuclear densometer test Static load testing Trial pit. Betafence’s liability is limited to any damage for which and insofar as Betafence could be held liable in accordance with imperative legal stipulations.

Please refer to our installation video for full details on how to use these accessories. During the Crimean Warlocal shortages of brushwood led to use of scrap netafence from hay bales in its stead; this in turn led to purpose-built sheet-iron gabions.