Playing it safe against the French Winawer. As well as many other materials & lessons that will help you to learn or improve the skills of the game of chess. Alexei Shirov was surprised at how quickly he managed to make of the French Winawer an opening he himself could play. And now he will let you share in his. C18 – French, Winawer, advance variation: 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 Bb4 4. e5 c5 5. a3 Bxc3+ 6. bxc3. Search the chess games database, download games, view.

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Mar 27, 3. If white goes In order to raise your level aboveyou need to develop your own theory of chess. No posting personal information of members. Experts on the 7. I Rabinovich vs Sokolsky. Nf3 and still black was unable to solve all of his problems. Now Winawed can exploit the absence of Black’s dark-square bishop by playing 7.

Qg4 are not to White’s taste, 7.

winaqer Many players who begin with 1. MacCutcheon [ sic ] and Advance LinesBatsford,pp. Bd7—a4 attacking c2, and if Black plays To create genuine winning chances, White will often play c2—c4 at some stage to put pressure on Black’s d5-pawn.

My experience is that some white players don’t play energetically enough.

The latter is “Mr. However, the Advance declined in popularity throughout most of the 20th century until it was revived in the s by GM and prominent opening theoretician Evgeny Sveshnikovwho continues to be a leading expert in this line.

I won’t say I’ll like to be black, but it is not so obvious for me white will win easily. The Slav and Semi-Slav revisited. I have a question about White has a frenc advantage on the kingside, where Black is even weaker than usual because he has traded off his dark-square bishop. A white pawn on f5 can be very strong as it may threaten to capture on e6 or advance to f6. Korchnoi, Be’er Sheva Chessgames. This is most commonly followed by 2. And the winnawer important thing is everybody could focus that black queen is very uneffected the game because of middle play game.


In the ss, Botvinnik forged the Winawer into a fearsome weapon. Maybe White needs to move the K up instead and try to trade off a c-pawn? In the early s Garry Kasparov briefly experimented with it before switching to 3. We will have a look now at the possible plans for black after the moves: This variation is named after Akiba Rubinstein and can also arise from a different move order: Following the opening moves 1.

EdoubleU52 3 min ago. Similar Products same author. Fischer in his day — and he famously struggled against the Winawer, despite thinking it fundamentally unsound positionally — liked the more positional approach starting 7.

Bxe4 Nf6, after which White must concede to Black either a tempo or the advantage of the two bishops. For what it is worth and I know I am necroing this thread hard, sorry I think that if black had avoided the useless check on c2 and not castled why castle into the attack like crench is beyond me black would have had a slight pull – I’d have been happy to play that position!

Below is a recent game in Winawer.

Is the French Winawer really that bad? A rare sideline gets punished

Qa5 line didn’t really catch on because of games like Fischer-Hook, Siegan OL until now because the early queen sortie appeared to frdnch white an easy edge after 7. Taming Wild Chess Openings p. Winaser c2—c4 is not played, White and Black have two main piece setups. From amateurs to masters, the popularity of this defense never stops to increase.

Black plays 5…c6 and Nge7 This is a solid option for black. This moves leaves black with two main continuations, one is 3…Nf6 and the well known Winawer Variation with 3…Bb4which is the variation we will focus on in this article.


C French, Winawer, advance variation –

Very frustrating opening for white. It seems the two bishops gives an easy attack for white, and yes he can apply a nice amount of pressure sometimes, but black’s stubborn position can often defend with some work, and this may be partly because the position is rather closed so although white’s bishops point to the k side, they may not have as much flexibility as they like.

In my view if black can simplify the positions in the opening, he has great chance to win. This line often continues White normally clarifies the central situation for the moment with 4. I think I didn’t like it before because it seemed like black didn’t seem to have much of a plan, aside from copying white’s, which would inevitably be crappier. This is a line for the lazy player who does not wish to study the immense amount of theory written in the Winawer and still wants to play a system with some venom.

Of course, more solid lines like the classical and one I like a lot, the macutcheon; it’s apparently thought to be a super sharp counterattacking opening, yet to me it looks like a winawer on depressants; I think it’s nice to have that dark squared bishop eliminated; it seems to cut down on white’s dynamic potential a bit are probably even sounder, but, as I’ve been starting to learn, space is space, and if the guy with space plays with care, his frehch will be nicer.

The French has a reputation for solidity and resilience, although some lines such as the Winawer Variation can lead to sharp complications.