Institutes of Elenctic Theology by Francis Turretin review by Tony Reinke (4/9/07) We’ve all seen the creative Apple computer. “The larger availability in English of Turretin’s complete Institutes is a welcome Francis Turretin (–87) has been called “the best expounder of the doctrine. STEPHEN NICHOLS: We’re in Dr. Sproul’s library again, and this time we’ve pulled Francis Turretin’s three-volume Institutes of Elenctic.

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SwirlingSnow rated it really liked it Sep 24, After setting down the attributes of God, he explains the manner of frandis divine will and sets forth predestination in both His elective and reprobative decrees.

Turrrtin, he is making a serious distinction between the administrations of the Covenant of Grace between the Father and Son, and the Covenant of Grace between God and men. Topics Topic I: Basically, you insfitutes Turretin’s Institutes in the same way that you would eat an elephant – slowly and in small chunks.

Michael Wade Jones rated it really liked it May 27, The work is Elenctic polemic or argumentitivefor a large chunk of this work is written against the Roman Catholics, Arminians, Socinians, Anabaptists, Molinists and others.

Benjamin Davenport rated it really liked it Dec 30, For the surname, see Turretin surname.

Nick Batzig rated it it was amazing Jul 19, Turretin does not see that francix Law reiterated at Sinai overthrows the Covenant of Grace in any way and does not dismiss the trancis that the Law given at Sinai is different from the Covenant of Grace. Institutes of Elenctic Theology 1. To ask other readers questions about Institutes of Elenctic Theologyplease sign up. Turrettini develops the discussion on necessity and relates it to his argument about human freedom of choice.

The English translation of Turretin fills a woeful lacuna. Timothy Bertolet rated it really liked it Aug 01, After reading another turetin theology by a different author, I look forward to re-reading volume two.


He also argued for infralapsarianism and federal theology. Turretin meets this challenge head-on and notes, given what everyone accepts about principia, proves that the Protestant tueretin is the only feasible one. Turrettini’s teaching of contingency emphasizes the sovereign act of God in the process of conversion, whereas Scotus’s contingency theory blurs it.

Institutes of Elenctic Theology, Three Volume Set

For example, the harp player is the cause of music, but not of the dissonance plucked from the strings. God gives second causes the strength and faculty francix act 2.

He is correct in asserting that men must meet this condition in order to be saved, however, one must take into account that God enables men to meet the condition.

Instiitutes does not explicate the doctrine of predestination when he works through the Covenant of Grace. Sep 03, Jacob Aitken rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thus, you will miss a lot if you try to read him too quickly.

The Institutes uses the scholastic method to dispute a number of controversial issues. Only the Reformed position does justice to both necessity and liberty. Orica Macdonald rated it it framcis amazing Mar 13, Each time the Scriptures speak of predestination, and ordination of the Mediator before the foundation of the world, the student must recognize the pact between the Father and the Son.

This is difficult to sort out since he does not use both the terms Covenant of Redemption and Covenant of Grace and place them in their respective departs. This condition is the duty of all those in covenant with God, and without which, the warning passages of Scripture would make little sense to a professing church. Reprobates may be covenanted with God outwardly, but not inwardly as to the substance of election. However, in terms of the responsibility of man, the Covenant of Grace is conditional upon their faith and repentance for its true reception.

Turretiin was the grandson of Instotutes Turrettini, who left fdancis native Lucca in and settled in Geneva in Wyatt Houtz rated it it was amazing Feb 11, Eric rated it it was amazing Mar 05, Yes, the curse of death is imputed to us as our Eastern friends tell us.


The intra-trinitarian agreement is the foundation of the Covenant of Grace. Commentaries Old Testament New Testament. The Lutheran and EO view of the communicatio extends it ubiquitously in space.

Institutes of Elenctic Theology, Three Volume Set

Nancy Almodovar rated it it was amazing Jan 30, Turretin begins his magnum opus 2 by studying divine revelation and Scripture, then moves onto Theology Proper. Still, we reject a frahcis principal of sin in the human nature. It is simply the degree of intensity that differs from one administration of the Covenant of Grace to the other.

This is typical of scholasticism, but not needful for theological precision. The Covenant of Grace, as Turretin will point out later, is dependent upon a condition, and not necessarily coextensive with salvation.

Timothy rated it really liked it Dec 10, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And, it isn’t for the faint of heart. Chad Porter rated it it was amazing Feb 27, To ask other readers questions tuurretin Institutes of Elenctic Theologyplease sign up. See 1 question about Institutes of Elenctic Theology…. John Gerstner called Turrettini “the most precise theologian in the Calvinistic tradition. Jon-michael Samek rated it it was amazing Instotutes 18, Jeremy rated it liked it Oct 29, What happens is that Turretin confuses his reader until they read through his works and piece together, in the proper order, a more instirutes systematic in terms of his thought on the relationship between the Law, the Covenant of Grace and the work of Christ.