EXFO’s AXS Handheld OTDR series covers the whole range of short-haul OTDR test The AXS All-Fiber OTDR combines singlemode and multimode . Search among more than user manuals and view them online EXFO’s AXS does not interfere with the CO’s laser transmitters, as it uses. otherwise, without the prior written permission of EXFO Electro-Optical. Engineering Inc. Use the following general instructions to navigate through the AXS/ menus and Specify a value between 0 and dBrnC if the ANSI.

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Please correct the issue indicated and resubmit or contact us via email or toll free at and we will be happy to assist you with this request. You wxs-110 also switch from Real time mode to Manual mode at any time.

Setting Analysis Parameters To set analysis parameters: Select range as follows: Offer AccuSource Electronics is always happy to consider reasonable offers on our test instruments. Page 5 Contents 12 Testing Network Connections Press Enter to confirm your choice.

Press Enter to open the Distance unit list. Press the up arrow to access the file list. Do not proceed unless you understand and meet the required conditions. A green border around the baseplate indicates that it is for APC-type connectors.

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When you perform tests with your unit, you connect a launch fiber between your unit and the fiber under test. From its dedicated port, the VFL emits a red signal which becomes visible at the location dxfo a fault on the fiber.

Page Index H hazard, laser radiation OR On the computer desktop, double-click My Computer. EXFO has made every effort to ensure that the information contained in this specification sheet is accurate. Warranty Liability Liability EXFO shall not be liable for damages resulting from the use of the product, nor shall be responsible for any failure in the performance of other items to which the product is connected or the operation of any system of which the product may be a part.


Use the arrows to select a feature and press Enter. Specify whether the unit must keep the fiber settings for all acquisitions or not, as follows: Select duration of the acquisition as follows: Testing Fibers Launch Conditions for Multimode Measurements Launch Conditions for Multimode Measurements In a multimode fiber network, the attenuation of a signal is highly dependent on the mode distribution or launch condition of the source that emits this signal.

To revert to the factory-default for file format and autonaming scheme: Page 58 Testing Fibers Launch Conditions for Multimode Measurements Launch Conditions for Multimode Measurements In a multimode fiber network, the attenuation of a signal is highly dependent on the mode distribution or launch condition of the source that emits this signal.

You can display or hide the zoom controls as well as the markers appearing on the graph. Setting Storage Parameters To set the file format: Index probe autonaming image files You enable or disable this feature for all wavelengths at a time. Page 4 Contents 6 Testing Fibers EXFO shall not be liable for damages resulting from improper usage or unauthorized modification of the product, its accompanying accessories and software.

Page Page 13 Maintenance To help ensure long, trouble-free operation: Certification Information Certification Information F.

For more information, please visit www. Page 42 Setting Macrobend Parameters To set macrobend parameters: Answer Yes to confirm. Performing a Ping Test The ping test is a basic test that measures the average time it takes for a packet to reach the remote host.

Carefully align the connector and port to prevent the fiber end from touching the outside of the port or rubbing against other xas-110.

EXFO AXS/ Ethernet Test Set User Manual | pages

For loss measurements, reference your power meter to a light source see Referencing Your Power Meter to a Source on page 84and then deactivate the light source.


This is why, by default, the fiber span includes the launch fiber. Managing Test Results Trace Info.

Page 91 Measuring Power or Loss Nulling Offsets Nulling Offsets Temperature and humidity variations affect the mnual of electronic circuits and optical detectors, which can offset measurement results.

The loss specified does not indicate the true loss of the event. Your unit is designed not to require offset nulling under normal edfo, but you should perform it whenever environmental conditions change significantly or when measuring very low power values. Optimized for point-to-point testing of passive optical networks PON within FTTx architectures, it offers several wavelength configurations and a wide range of options, for first-class flexibility and full coverage of short-haul OTDR test applications.

To select distance units: Press Enter to confirm. Setting Storage Parameters Setting Axs-101 Parameters Manuual time you save a trace, the unit suggests a file name based on autonaming settings. Unable to Process Request Your offer was received but we are unable to process it for the following reason: The source status is indicated with a LED in the status bar and with the Active indicator under the keypad.

If necessary, press Enter to select the check box. With these tests, you can ensure that IP packets travel as expected from a local host to a remote host and vice versa.

AXS System Disk

It may take a few seconds before the maintenance menu appears. A straight line is plotted using least-square approximation to fit all trace points in the linear area between the first and second detected events. This is particularly useful if you often have to test exvo links of different lengths.