This article reviews potential anti-dengue activities from plants distributed . In the Philippines, Euphorbia hirta, known locally as “tawa–tawa”. Management of thrombocytopenia and flu-like symptoms in dengue patients with herbal water of Euphorbia hirta. Mir M, Khurshid R, Aftab R. BACKGROUND. PDF | Euphorbia hirta commonly known as Tawa-Tawa is a plant used in folklore medicine in the Philippines for the treatment of dengue.

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Dengue, ethnopharmacological, Euphorbia hirtaPangasinan. Antiviral activity of some Nigerian medicinal plants extracts. Green Countries or areas at risk of dengue, Crude extracts and essential oils obtained from 31 species showed a broad activity against Flavivirus.

Vector control offers the most effective means of prevention but is difficult to implement and maintain.

Further research is needed to determine how to target the most appropriate stages to prevent the spread of virus infection. Dengue infection is caused by bites of the female Ae.

View at Google Scholar G. Though some studies have established that E.

Uncaria tomentosa Uncaria tomentosa belongs to family Rubiaceae. Effects of Alternanthera philoxeroides Griseb against dengue virus in vitro. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. — fever, Anti-dengue, Medicinal plants, Phytochemical. Potential of plant bioactive compounds to combat dengue The active compounds showed a wide range of activity against DENV. Boesenbergia rotunda belongs to family Euphorba.

Recent studies have reported the potential of some flavonoid compounds as antivirals against DENV-2 [ 4043 ].

Potential Use of Euphorbia hirta for Dengue: A Systematic Review of Scientific Evidence

Therefore, any extensive study on the potential of plants with isolated active compounds that have shown anti-dengue activity should go through additional in vitro and in vivo animal testing followed by toxicity and clinical tests. Plants as source of drugs. Within this period, 17 and 15 cases of dengue were reported in the euphoriba of Balungao and San Fabian i.


The effect of A. Piper retrofractum belongs to family Piperaceae. Many plant extracts in different solvents have been reported to exhibit activity against a vector of dengue fever, Ae. Cymbopogon citratus Cymbopogon citratus belongs to family Poaceae. Table 1 Tally of use dengus of E.

Euphorbia hirta – a possible cure for dengue

In Northern Thailand there were 13, 11, 6, 6, and 6, DF cases reported during the period — [ 25 ]. The methanolic extract of O. Mimosa scabrella Mimosa scabrella belongs to family Fabaceae. Similarly, in another study, the ethanol extract of E. The following inclusion criteria were used: Some respondents in Anda Island and Mt. The high prevalence of dengue infection in the 3 sampling sites surveyed can be due to the lack of proper hygiene and sanitation in possible breeding places of mosquito vectors.

Further, well-controlled double-blind clinical trials are required to reevaluate the efficacious and side effects in order hkrta establish its place in clinical applications. To identify a potential antiviral treatment for DENV, it is necessary to understand the life cycle of the virus. Hence, in-depth analysis of immunomodulatory properties is fortified to establish the potential E. Dengue possesses a wide clinical manifestation ranging from nonsevere to severe forms [ 5 ].

Tephrosia crassifoliaTephrosia madrensis and Tephrosia viridiflora belong to family Fabaceae. Footnotes Source jirta Support: Antiviral actions of flavonoid-derived compounds on Dengue virus type Meristiella gelidium belongs to family Solieriaceae.


Cost-effectiveness is still being monitored. The cyclohexenyl chalcone derivatives of B. Two decades of dengue in Malaysia. Clearly, development of antiviral drugs and vaccines is needed in order to support these programs. Inhibitory potential of Quercus lusitanica extract on Dengue virus type 2 replication. High FL values were obtained for symptoms observed during the febrile phase.

Peningkatan kes kematian Denggi yang tertinggi pada tahun The authors would like to thank the Denguw Health Organization for permission to use copyrighted material, and the Institute of Bioproduct Development, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia for financial assistance for this research work.

The rich cultural heritage of the Philippines is a rich resource of indigenous health knowledge.

Balungao surveyed on Aprila dormant volcano at the southeastern boundary of Pangasinan with Nueva Ecija with secondary dipterocap forests, hot springs and a mossy peak. This study was able to document the anecdotal and traditional self-care uses of E. An interview of municipal health officers within the vicinities of the 3 sampling sites surveyed shows a high prevalence of dengue infections in Anda Island from January to March ofwith 36 reported cases, including 2 casualties that affected mostly children ages 2 years and above.

The dichloromethane ethanol extract of C. The findings showed that cells treated with H. Indian J Med Res. Guzman A, Isturiz RE.