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The book ends with Creb’s death, Broud’s succession to pso leadership, and his banishment of Ayla, who sets off to find other people of her own kind. Auel’s time-frame, somewhere between 29, and 26, years BP or 28, and 25, BCE, corresponds generally with archaeological estimates of the Neanderthal branch of mankind disappearing.

He cites the cave lion attack the girl experienced shortly before being discovered as proof that its spirit marked her so that she could be adopted oeo the Clan. As the previous responded stated this isn’t a book one should take to heart on whether is true or not, I still come across articles, reports etc. I’ve read in research that Cro-Magnans would have likely had a darker complexion and hair.

The child is adopted by Iza and her brother Creb. She is self-willed and spirited, but tries hard to fit in with the Neanderthals, although she has to learn everything first-hand; she does not possess the ancestral memories of the Clan which enable them to do certain tasks after being shown only once. Creb is this group’s “Mog-ur” or shamandespite being deformed as a result of the difficult birth resulting from his abnormally large head and the later loss of an arm and eye after being attacked by a cave bear.

The narrative switches to a group of people who call themselves “The Clan” and whom we come to understand are Neanderthalwhose cave was destroyed in the earthquake and who are searching for a new home. Does it improve within the next few books?

Anthropology portal Archaeology portal Novels portal Speculative fiction portal. There was an enormous amount of anthropological research that went into the writing of this series, and although all of the events and individual people are of course fiction, much of it is based on real archaeological evidence with creative license cavernadio in some cqvernario.


Iza is concerned that when Ayla grows up nobody will xavernario her as their mate, making her a burden to the Clan.

Following a difficult pregnancy and a near-fatal labor, Ayla rejoices in the birth of a son but, due to his appearance being an amalgamation of Clan and Other features, he is classified by the Clan as deformed and he is almost taken away from her.

El Clan Del Oso Cavernario-Caratula.jpg

Pages to import images to Wikidata All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August And a lot of new character are introduced which will make the story more …more yes, a lot of character development happens eel the next books in the series. The launch was slated for some time in And a lot of new character are introduced which will make the story more enjoyable less.

Auel, and Linda Woolverton are executive producers, with Woolverton writing the teleplay. Here is a link with some of the research that went into the series. Views Read Edit View history. Malone I read this when I was I am half way through this book; at this point I am enjoying the journey; although the characters aren’t quite endearing to me as I notice very little character development.

The medicine woman of the group, Iza, discovers the girl and asks permission from Brun, the head of the Clan, to help the ailing child, despite the child being clearly a member of “the Others,” the distrusted antagonists of the Clan.

The Clan call her Aylathe closest they can come to pronouncing her birth name. She is not allowed to take her son with her. Ask and answer questions about books! When they are young adults, Broud brutally rapes Ayla in an impulsive bid to demonstrate his total control over her.

You still have to get books from the library, bookstore, Amazon, etc. Load 4 more questions. Resources in your cavernwrio Resources in other libraries.

The Valley of Horses. Through meditation, Creb comes to believe that the child may be protected by the spirit of the cave lion, a powerful totem that is never given to a woman and only very few men. Would it be appropriate for a teen? Broud continues to assault Ayla multiple times daily, sinking her into a depression that leaves her despondent and disinterested, and she soon becomes pregnant. There was an enormous amount of anthropological research that went into the writing of this series, and although all of the events …more Many of them are.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They do not laugh or even smile, and they do not cry; when Ayla weeps, Iza thinks she has an eye disease. So she trains Ayla to be a highly respected medicine woman who will have her own “status” and will not have to rely on the status of a mate.

For example, the Neanderthals in “Clan of the Cave Bear” spoke in grunt and sign language they weren’t able to make speech but it was discovered that Neanderthals most likely could talk and communicate in speech and not noise this was found years later after the book was published Another thing is the appearance of Ayla, having a fair complexion, blue eyes and blonde hair.

Retrieved 23 November I’d be horrified at my mother if she had kept it from me until I was 17 just because of sex, because this is still one of my favourite books of all time.

Inthe novel was adapted into a film directed by Michael Chapman and starring Daryl Hannah. Are the locations in this book real? This plan was canceled by Lifetime and has been shopped around to various networks with no luck, and presumed to be dead, as of March The Clan of the Cave Bear. How old should you be to read this book? See Featured Authors Answering Questions. Ayla, having dreamed of being a mother for most of her life and now convinced that this may be her only chance due to her powerful totem, refuses Iza’s suggestion that she take medicine to lose the child.

Library resources about The Clan of the Cave Bear.

The Clan of the Cave Bear – Wikipedia

In Auel’s books, the Neanderthal possess only limited vocal apparatus and rarely speak, but have a highly developed sign language. Auel about prehistoric times. Brun agrees to allow Iza to treat the dying child and to adopt her only if Creb can discover her personal totem spirit. Is there a cave with neanderthal cavernraio in the Crimea?