Haven Travis es la rebelde heredera de una rica familia de petroleros texanos. Pero cuando Haven se casa con un hombre que los Travis. El diablo tiene ojos azules (Travis 2) (Spanish Edition) eBook: Lisa Kleypas: : Kindle-Shop. En Mi nombre es Liberty conocimos a Hardy Cates, un irresistible tejano de origenes muy humildes, el chico malo que le robo el corazon a Liberty Jones. Ahora.

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He’s a little older, as in a lot, but you get the idea. Looking for a book. And no, I’m not counting the rape. Mi problema es que estoy un poco desilusionada por los Travis Other books in the series.

This was so much better, though, as it becomes clear how very much he needs Haven even as we know that she needs him. First, is Haven herself. I thought the relationship between Hardy and Haven moved a bit too fast and didn’t spend a lot of azuless building up.

La mejor escena de la primera vez.

El diablo tiene ojos azules (Travis 2) by Lisa Kleypas on Apple Books

Maybe Liberty wasn’t his destiny but Haven surely is. We dizblo careful with those scarred places in each other. I was so looking forward to listening to this book, and imagine my horror when I end up hearing Melanie with a touch of Mammy from Gone with the Wind. Trivia About Blue-Eyed Devil You definitely sense their attraction to each other but they don’t spend a lot of time getting to know each other. He left it hanging loose on either side of his neck, and relaxed on the sofa beside me, as graceful as a cat.

I will still read more in this series.


azulez Similar books to this? Also I didn’t like the fact that it took most of half the book to explain Haven’s problem and a third of the book to develop her relationship with Hardy.

In the first Travis novel, there were sad parts and fun parts in Liberty’s journey to Gage. Blue-Eyed Devil 4 Stars After hearing about this book for years, perhaps my expectations were too high. I am a HUGE fan of her historical romances but her contemporary romances are nothing to laugh at. This book was very rushed at the end and everything just fell together with minimal conflict even tho there was a crapton of buildup to it. In Blue I was really excited to read this after meeting Hardy in the 1st book of the series, Sugar Daddy.

Yes, there are reasons for her inability to stand up for herself her mother’s systematic erosion of her self-esteem, battered wife syndromebut this does not make it easier to relate to a woman who is, in essence, a victim of her own making.

Inmediatamente me pongo con la historia de Jack en Buenas vibraciones, que me tiene intrigada Plus, in the two I’ve read, the romance is not front and center for the entire book. Of course I was raised and live in a redneck heavy part of the country, so Koeypas definitely biased. I was giddy with anticipation after meeting Hardy and I loved just how perfect he was for Haven.

El Diablo Tiene Ojos Azules : Lisa Kleypas :

And along the way she runs into Hardy Cates. This book is about Haven Travis, the only female Travis sibling. Hardy Cates is for me and I guess for whichever read Sugar Daddy a repressed desire. Nick is in the last liisa, but thanks to Haven’s new found strength and understanding of their past relationship and Hardy’s fists – he’s nowhere near as scary and very much diminished in Hardy’s presence.


Kleypas, Lisa – Blue-Eyed Devil: Jun 18, Re-read: Not because he was perfect, or because you were, but because your combined flaws were arranged kleypzs a way that allowed two separate beings to hinge together.

Travis #2: El diablo tiene ojos azules, de Lisa Kleypas

Blue-Eyed Devil 1 2 Aug 20, He’s not interested in mucking things up because he can’t take his eyes off Haven Travis. Como no amar a Hardy Cates!!! Terminology, slang and modern technology changes quickly, daily even. Eso es lo que la joven Sky descubre cuando su camino se cruza con el de Dean Holder, un chico conflictivo que tiene la irritante habilidad de despertarle emociones que ni siquiera comprende.

Lisa Kleypas September 1, She wants Travis, but is too scared to consummate the relationship. I had a bit of a harder time with Dialbo.

El Diablo Tiene Ojos Azules

It had a bit of that “insta-love feel to it, and I wanted more in regards to their relationship. Sexy, Bossy, Dirty-talking, Bad Boy, with a heart of gold and a magic touch. I don’t mind giving readers a heads-up about it, but it’s diahlo fair to indicate it’s coming for those who want to remain completely unspoiled going in.

This series is so far great, Lisa Kleypa’s writing is impecable as always, drawing all kind of emotions from the reader and if you love contemporary romance then these books is a must-read.