View and Download Edimax 3Gn quick install manual online. Quick Install Guide. 3Gn Network Router pdf manual download. data, which are preconfigured for the EDIMAX 3Gn nLite Wireless 3G router. In the bottom part of this website, you will find a manual for accessing the. Default Password, Login and IP for your Edimax 3Gn router. User Manuals and How to Factory Reset your Edimax 3Gn router.

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So please turn off your computer when you are not using it. This function also may not work with some ISP. So please make sure this function can work properly when you use this function in the first time, especially your ISP charge you manuzl access time. Below is the list of each LED and its description. Connect power adapter to 3Gn 2.


Getting started This is a step-by-step instruction on how to start using the router and get connected to the Internet. All fields are blank. Select Obtain IP address automatically. Click OK to confirm the setting.

Check each of the tabs and verify the following settings: Make all fields blank. To see if you have obtained an IP address, see Appendix Note: Chapter 1 Quick Setup The Quick Setup section is designed to get you using the broadband router as quickly as possible. In the Quick Setup you are required to fill in only the information necessary to access the Internet.

If you still not able to connect to Internet, please use wired Internet connection to access our website: Wait for 1 minute for 3Gn to rebootthen you can access Internet.

Double click the device. The program inside the adapter will prepare to install the driver and utility of the adapter. The system is installing the driver and utility of the adapter. The utility of CS will start up automaticity. You can check the Status of the 3G n on the Web site ex: Enter the PIN code of the adapter.

However, only one connection method wireless or wired can be used at the same time. Click on Back to return to the previous screen. Your ISP should provide all the information required in this section. The WAN connection will not disconnect because of idle timeout. For example, some software sends network packets to the Internet in the background, even when you are not using the Internet.

The WAN connection will not be disconnected due to the idle timeout. You can setup the QoS bandwidth control policy.

Parameters Description Select the time zone of the country you are living. Time Zone The router will set its time based on your selection Password Parameter Description Select the time zone of the country you are living.


Set Time Zone The router will set its time based on your selection.

Edimax 3G-6200n Quick Install Manual

Parameters Description Enter your current password for the remote Current management administrator to login to your Password Broadband router. Port The port number of remote management web interface. You can now configure other advanced functions or start using the router with the advanced settings in place. Please check the authentication method you want to use. If you type a Web address into your browser, such as www. You can enable or disable the DHCP server.

You can set the security parameters used to bridge access points together here, when you set your AP in AP Bridge mode. You can refer to section 4. You can now configure other advanced sections or start using the router with the advanced settings in place.

You should not change these parameters unless you know their function and effects. Parameters Description “Fragment Threshold” The access point will use the Data Rate highest possible selected transmission rate to transmit the data packets.

With these security functions, you can prevent your wireless LAN from illegal access. Please make sure your wireless stations use the same security function. Select one of the four keys to encrypt your Default Key data. Only the key you select it in the “Default key” will be used. The WEP keys are used to encrypt data transmitted over the wireless network.

Fill the text box by following the rules: This mode only authenticates user by IEEE This mode also uses WEP to encrypt the data during communication. You can use a pre-shared key to authenticate wireless stations and encrypt data during communication. So the encryption key will not be known by hackers easily, and this will improve security.

You can use an external RADIUS server to authenticate wireless stations and provide the session key to encrypt data during communication. Any WPS-compatible wireless clients can establish secure connection with this broadband router with simple push-button type configuration or PinCode type configuration. Authentication The wireless security authentication mode of this Mode wireless router will be displayed here.

You can assign priority for each type of application and reserve bandwidth for it. The packets of applications with higher priority will always go first. Lower priority applications will get bandwidth after higher priority applications get enough bandwidth. Bandwidth Total Upload Here you can set the maximum upload bandwidth for Bandwidth all the users of the router. Parameters Description Rule Name The name of this rule. You can assign the download or upload bandwidth in Kbps bit per second.

It helps you to host some servers behind the router NAT firewall. If you found any typo before adding it and want to correct it, just click “Clear” and the fields will be cleared.

Edimax Technology 3G-6200n User Manual

Email, FTP, Web server etc. Please note that this list may not be able to list all computers on your local network. In this section you can configure the router to support multiple connections for these types of applications.


Here are descriptions of every setup items: Item Name Description Enable If the application does not use TCP port, leave it blank. So you do not have to do any configuration for your PC, and they can access the Internet through this router automatically.

Mqnual can now configure other advance sections or start using the router. With static routing, the router can forward packets according to your routing rules. The IP sharing function will manuak work any more in static routing mode. The DMZ function of firewall will not work if static routing is enabled. This is the IP of the neighbor router that this router should communicate with on the path to the destination LAN.

Interface The interface that go to the next hop router. The Broadband router’s firewall can block common hacker attacks and can log the attack activities.

If you select deny, all Ediamx addresses listed in filtering table will be denied from connecting to the network; if you select allow, only MAC addresses listed in filtering table will be able to connect to the network, 3g-6200h rejecting all other network devices.

Item Name Description Protocol Please select the protocol type of this service: Port Range Please input the port range if this service. You can reconnect to this broadband router and continue on other settings later. If you found any typo before Keyword adding it and want to correct it, just click “Reset” and the field will be 3g-6200j. If Internet attacks occur the router can log the events.

Chapter 3 Status The Status section allows you to monitor the 3g-62000n status of your router. You can use the Status page to monitor: Parameters Description This page shows the system log of the broadband router.

It displays any event occurred after system start up. Parameters Description This page shows the current security log of the Broadband router. It displays all attempts tried to access your network. Chapter 4 Tool This page includes basic configuration tools of this broadband router, such as Configuration Tools save or restore configuration settingsFirmware Upgrade upgrade system firmware and Reset.

You can then use the Configuration “Restore” To upgrade the firmware of your broadband router, you need to download the firmware Firmware file to your local hard disk, and enter that file name and Upgrade path in the appropriate field on this ,anual. Parameters Description In the event that the system stops responding or stops functioning, you can perform a reset.

Your settings will not be changed. You will be asked to confirm your decision.