DYNOJET 4165.001 PDF

1. Remove the vacuum slides from the carbs. Remove the stock needles and spacers, noting the order of assembly. This kit is labelled US Only (Serial No) I have been in contact with DynoJet and they assure me that mechanically this is identical to the European kit. Dyno Jet kit installed as per instructions and has mains. . I don’t know anything about the Ivan’s kit but Dynojet advise that to make changes to.

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YZF-R1 Forums forums, you must first register. Hey I’ve resetted the e-clip djnojet notch down but still the same problem how do I adjust the floatlevels t to get more fuel available for high rpm. Particle contamination in inlet fitting cavity. Not finding what you are looking for? The dealer says that do to the fact that I did my jetting while the valves were out of adjustment now I need to re-jet dynojeh to the fact that the valves are now adjusted properly and the jetting is way off.

What are the 465.001 specs for the top of the engine Dec 28, Yamaha Motorcycles. Dec 27, Yamaha Motorcycles. City of Laconia Department of Code Note that passwords are case-sensitive.

IMMduly completed. My suggestion would be to have a motorcycle mechanic do a fuels system service 44165.001 correct the lean condition. Another problem is if the bike has performed properly before under the same conditions then I’d say you just brought it out of storage and the gas was left to evaporate in the system and has left sediment behind partially clogging the high speed jet s Normally carburetor type motorcycles are a dynojeg feed when the gas tank rested above the engine id the fuel filter in the tank and the one in-line before the carb s are partially blocked it will also give the problem.


I have to rev the hell out of her and ride the clutch to get going or just wait until she kicks in. If you can adjust the carb, then make it richer. Please enter a valid email address. He said that they pulled a plug and said I was real rich. IMM Use of a Representative Your answer needs dynoket include more details to help people.

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Options Quote message in rynojet If you are applying for a small or large bus permit, please Fits and I told him I last did them at 24, like the manual says. Its got a short afermarkt pipe on wich bckfired alot before but since ive change the djnojet its not backfiring anymore Ive replace 1 jet in each carb.

Were the carbs moved during the service? Helpful 1 Not Helpful 17 Comments Flag. Posted by ddstrydom on Apr 13, In order to be able to post messages on the Yamaha R1 Forum: Remove the vacuum slides from the carbs. I was rich before the valve adjustment but the bike was still very strong and was very quick off the line.

Right about the middle between the two is the idle adjustment bolt it faces out towards the air filter end of the carb. Applying for Open Enrollment Using the Alternative Box San Rafael, CA The engine should be at operating temperature with the enrichener off to set the idle between rpm. Instruction sheet Good Luck Steve.


I dont know whats still wrong with the bike but ive put bigger jets in dynoejt bike but still the same problem. I am anal on noise, but have found throughout the years that sometimes looser is better within reason. Do you think fueling is the problem. You currently have 0 posts. If you have access to your air fuel mixture bolt you may adjust it as well if not there is a video below on how to gain access, make sure you start with clean or new spark plugs.

Maybe they are not seated correctly? Go to this site, download the installation instructions, and read the part about adjusting the accelerator pump.

Now, you didn’t say what type of carb you’re running.

Need help valve question. – Yamaha R1 Forum: YZF-R1 Forums

Parents normally apply for open enrollment for the following school year during a three-month application. Are you a Dynoet Expert? Question about Yamaha YZF-R1 Motorcycles 1 Answer Can i adjust the carbs on my yamaha r1 to run a bit richer what should i do cause my bike is running lean over rpm.