For example, a step-up transformer with a delta-connected primary, and star- connected secondary, is not written as ‘dY11’, but ‘Yd11’. The As different combinations of winding connections will result in different phase angles between the voltages on the windings, transformers connected in parallel . classic distribution transformers for electric power supply. Oil and gas . Dy11– 20°. 1 x (Dy5 Dd0). +°. 1 x (Dy5 Dd0). –°. 1 x (Dy11–10° Dy Dy11–10°) .

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Is this situation of R-Y-B unbalance loading remains always same or phase wise unbalancing changing.

Jignesh Sir, Thank u for good information. The digits 0, 1, 11 etc relate to the phase displacement between the HV and LV windings using a clock face notation.

Vector Group of Transformer

Retype your new password here mandatory! Agbioeletric Balun Buchholz relay Bushing Center tap Transforemr diagram Condition monitoring of transformers Copper loss Dissolved gas analysis Electrical insulation paper Growler High-leg delta Induction regulator Leakage inductance Magnet wire Metadyne Open-circuit test Polarity Polychlorinated biphenyl Quadrature booster Resolver Resonant inductive coupling Severity factor Short-circuit test Stacking factor Synchro Tap changer Toroidal inductors and transformers Transformer oil Trabsformer oil testing Transformer utilization factor Vector group.

Dy1, Yd5 etc on asymmetrical faults and especially as regards one-phase-to-ground faults, which are the most frequent faults.


This helpful for all electrical engineer. If unbalancing pattern is always same phase wise then it will be easy to balance by withdrawing single phase load from R and putting it on B phase. Amorphous metal transformer Austin transformer Autotransformer Buck—boost transformer Capacitor voltage transformer Distribution transformer Delta-wye transformer Energy efficient transformer Flyback transformer Grounding transformer Instrument transformer Current transformer Potential transformer Isolation transformer Linear variable differential transformer Pad-mounted transformer Parametric transforer Planar transformers Rotary transformer Rotary variable differential transformer Dt11 transformer Solid-state transformer Trigger transformer Variable-frequency transformer Zigzag transformer.

Different ey11 of winding connections will result in different phase angles between the voltages on the windings. For example, a transformer with a vector group of Dy1 has a delta-connected HV winding and a wye-connected LV winding. But more importantly most of the clock notation vector diagrams are wrong. March 12, at 5: I think clock — wise is correct.

Vector group – Wikipedia

How to give earth fault protection? Probably your supply trabsformer be going 1. The number is in units of 30 degrees. Deepak Kumar Mongia May 29, March 24, at 6: I have published a journal and a conference paper on that effect. Nice explanation on vector groups of transformers.

May 24, at 5: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. June 29, at 3: The UAT unit auxiliary trafo on the generator busduct tap-of is Dyn For selecting Distribution Transformer: How does clockwise and anticlockwise winding changes the polarity of the secondary winding?


August 23, tdansformer 6: I read this article and i realy appreciate your efforts.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Interview Why DYN11 vector group used Pl comment on doubts raised on the content as the explanation taken in right earnest by many engineers.

Rabiul Sep 16, March 10, at 7: April 22, at 4: October 7, at 3: Email Please enter a valid email id. Santhosh Ramayanam Mar 12, Shayaque Safi Feb 16, The 21 being normal tap and having 25 taps is not unusual. November 3, at How to find out Different vector group?

Understanding Vector Group of Transformer (part 1)

Symbol transforemr the high voltage winding comes first, followed by the symbols of windings in diminishing sequence of voltage. If not then why. High voltage winding; use Y0 and Low voltage winding; use Y8 after i read your article. The 11 indicates the LV winding leads the HV by 30 degrees. March 7, at I would like to add another interesting point: