Sewage Treatment Plants. DVZ – JZR “ BIOMASTER”®. Biological Sewage. The innovative product range of DVZ specially for Luxury and Mega Yachts. Sewage Treatment Plant DVZ-JZR ” BIOMASTER”® (customized version for .

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If the run is aftward ship, make sure that the slope is greater than the list of the vessel. Valve sewage into Treatment Tank.

This is a safety overflow to prevent overpressure on the system. The system will begin to go through a process sia as endogenous respiration, during which the bacterial culture will consume itself in absence of another food source. Pumps received wrapped with corrosion inhibiting treated material should be rewrapped.

As a result a partial flow of the metering quantity is constantly fed back to the supply tank.

Biomaster DVZ SKA 20 Biological Sewage Treatment Plant | Salvex

Plastic or gasket type port covers should be left in place. If the Treatment Tanks vent is not the correct size, back pressure will almost certainly occur every time a highsuds detergent is introduced into the system. NOTE that lifting eyes fitted to individual pieces such as pump and motor are designed to lift only this part and not the complete assembly. Using Exapro is super easy, here is how it works. Water may freeze and break the pump casing! When the maximum filling level is reached, the level sensor 05 activates the drainage pump 08, which empties the tank down to a specified minimum level.

Check valve positions, also in connecting pipe to overboard discharge. To place bids or to sell items on this site, you must first become a member. If not, leave the blower on and the odor will clear up in a few hours.


The sewage to be treated must circulate through this bed. Press the reset button on the overloadprotection inside the control panel and turn the pump on to determine whether the pump motor overloaded and dropped out of the circuit. Check for leaks, if any, repair before start-up.

DVZ SKA 20 Biomaster Biological sewage treatment plant – Exapro

Installation of connecting pipeworks are subject to classification rules. Examples The NK06 in connection with the GT 76 or ER 76 can – monitor the liquid level in vessels for minimum or maximum value -prevent pumps from running dry.

Do not use or dispose Pine Sol, Lysol, or other disinfectants in the toilets or other drains leading to the system.

Otherwise, condensation will fill the vent and block airflow. This site uses cookies. Copyright Exapro s. In case class requirements prescribe connection to above main-deck, a suitable 2″ overflow connection with waterlock mm depth is sufficient is advised. Open the priming cover or plug on the top of pump.

DVZ SKA 20 Biomaster Biological sewage treatment plant

Check for leaks in the Treatment Tank vent pipe. Remaining activated sludge is fed back into the pre-treatment tank using a sludge syphon and continues to serve as an active bio-mass within the system. Object, items of clothing and also hair can be sucked into the intake port danger of injury! The surface of the electromagnet can become very hot during continuous operation. The manhole shall be easily accessable for cleaning and maintenance. Before doing this, set discharge Pump s to ON and watch Disinfecting tank sight glass to prevent flooding.


If the Treatment Tanks vent is blocked, it may be cleared with a stream of high pressure water. Wenn Pumpen, Aggregate oder Teile davon mehr als 20 kg 44 lb. Description Biological sewage treatment plant Manufacturer: We cannot accept any liability for repairs carried out by third parties.

The sucking-in of solid particles and other dfz which might be discharged – must be avoided at all times. Use proper protective clothing.

For mechanical malfunctions check the specific manufacturers documentation enclosed in this manual. Motor circuit breaker Before starting operation of the side-channel blower, the drive motor has to be safeguarded by a motor circuit-breaker.

Function can be tested by simulation of waterlevels, just connect relevant electrodes temporarily with electric wire. It is essential that the torques of the screws are observed!

Buyer is responsible for all taxes, duties, loading and freight charges. Using them for – aggressive – poisonous – explosive or – very most media is not permitted.

The advantage of this treatment method is its extremely large reactive area, which is up to 15 times larger than that of conventional systems. The biologically cleaned sewage is fed to the disinfecting tank 06 via a rising pipe. Bypass sewage system or close sewage inlet valve. With soapy water, check all flanges skx penetrations above the Treatment Tanks water level for leaks.

Please observe the information in these operating instructions, to ensure that the unit functions satisfactorily and remains serviceable for a long period: