Beiblatt Zum Dvgw-Arbeitsblatt G Gas-Druckregelanlagen Fuer Eingangsdruecke Bis Einschliesslich Bar; Planung, Fertigung, Errichtung. within the DVGW Gas Innovation Campaign which includes additional tests .. [ 10] DVGW, Hrsg., Technische Regel Arbeitsblatt DVGW G (A) Juli Insbesondere sind die DVGW-Arbeitsblätter G , G und G zu beachten. Umbau, Ersatzteile. Jegliche technische Veränderung ist untersagt.

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If process gas is used for testing purposes and by adding nitrogen subject to higher pressure, for example, the piping or facility involves can be subjected to a test pressure which is above the operating pressure in the piping facility or supplying the process gas. The GPRM plant may include, for example, an operating cable harness and a spare wiring harness.

Im Falle gleicher Auslegungsdruckstufen der Leitungsnetze In the case of identical design pressure stages of the pipeline networks 3 3.

DVGW List – @ 제품시험 / 인증대행@-ASTM, BS, MIL, DIN, EN, Automotive 규격시험

After filling and de-airing see Section 2. In DVGW worksheet G technical rules are described, inter alia, for the planning and operation of gas pressure regulating stations for inlet pressures up to bar. For this purpose, the pressure shall be reduced at least twice.

Playing pressure losses a subordinate role, can be optimized by a further flow straightener between the two measuring devices the flow-calming effect. Prior to testing, it is recommended to check for the absence of any air inside the piping. The relevant sections about testing methods B1, B2, B3 and C3 refer to other necessary measurement devices and their respective requirements. This object is achieved by a gas pressure regulating and -messanlage having the features of claim 1.

Alternatively, the effective in both flow directions filter may also comprise filter elements, which are provided with a mechanical support structure. The measuring device can be designed arbitrarily. With the liberalization of the gas market, it is increasingly necessary to change the transport direction or the direction of flow of the gas.

The gas pressure control according to the invention and -messanlage GPRM plantin particular for high-pressure area, is compact and requires little space. Are equipped with butterfly valves in wafer. If a test pressure of considerably more than 6 bar is applied and all or all parts of the piping or facility under test have not been tested beforehand at the same test pressure or at a higher test pressure, special safety precautions shall be taken e. Idostatic Testing Method B 1 Pressure applied once Unauthorised TranslationThis translation is not authorised by the issuing organisation and is for internal use only.


The GPRM plant is built in a modular train construction. Preface to the second issueNow that the newly developed and practice-tested pressure measurement method using air by means of precision pressure gauges, e. Time sequence of a pressure test on piping using method B 23 Description of Pressure Testing Methods3.

It is recommended to repeat the test procedure at a reduced pressure and using foamants, after reducing the test pressure to approx. Piston Pressure Gauges B 3.

The gas pressure regulating and -messanlage invention has the following advantages: This evens out the flow, thereby reducing measurement errors and damps disturbing sound. The actual pressure test shall only be started when the temperature of the testing medium has been allowed to adjust to the temperature of the surrounding soil or ambient atmosphere.

The yield point value K of the piping, e. All other values shall be measured at hourly intervals. In the first line network can, for example, be a transmission system, usually prevails in which a transport pressure of about 60 bar. After proper injection of process gas, the test pressure shall be applied and increased at a specified rate max. With respect to the pipe wall temperatures along the buried part of the test section, it is generally sufficient to take thermometer readings at intervals of sixhours.

Gas-Druckregel- und -messanlage nach Anspruch 8, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass die Filter Gas pressure regulating and -messanlage according to claim 8, characterized in that the filter 10a 10a. Master pressure gauges category min. During this period, the piping or facility component group shall be particularly checked for leaks at its joints and components flanges, couplings, valves, etc. Water may also be replaced by other suitable liquid media; below, reference is only made to water. Das Reversierungs-Rohrleitungssystem weist Absperreinrichtungen bzw.


Overview of pressure testing methods Fig. During this period, the piping shall be particularly checked for leaks at its joints and components flanges, couplings, valves, etc. With respect to all visual methods, the pipeline or facility under test shall be exposed; in particular, joints on piping, fittings, valves, vessels, etc. The relevant testing method to be applied shall be governed by the materials used, the type of joints between the piping or facility components and the envisaged scope of application.

For the purpose of pressure testing on other piping and facilities outside the public gas supply sector, this code of practice may be applied taking into consideration the specific properties of gases and, where applicable, other existing provisions. In a business or official metrology calibrated measuring devices have to be used. According to a further feature of the invention the measuring device is at least one upstream or downstream flow straightener.

Waega dvgw g de Documents.

DVGW G 469 English

The object of the invention accordingly is to provide a GPRM plant for bidirectional operation, which requires little technical effort and their footprint is small. Sound-absorbing technical devices would lead to increased pressure losses that affect the line capacitance sensitive.

If these codes of practice prescribe minimum values, the exact test pressure value arbeitslatt be specified prior to testing.

Process gas may also be replaced by mixtures of process gas and inert gases; below, reference is only made to process gas.

There is the possibility of simple capacity 4491 by additional construction of another cable harness equal or custom dimensions. Die Messeinrichtung The measuring device 6a 6ab kann alternativ zum Volumendurchfluss den Massendurchfluss messen.