So, Dungeon Petz rulebook is in file section (and also in our manufacturing company, as a last bit of the production puzzle, so Dungeon Petz. RULES OF THE GAME. official rules. The following advanced rules are used: Double-symboled cards; Advanced meat stand rule. I know the Dungeon Petz rules well. It all feels very natural for me now, but teaching it can be a pain. I think the main problem is that all the.

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Agreed, Dungeon Petz is at the top of “one round and reset” for me. If you’ve got the first round down, you can declare round one a ‘practice round’ and then reset. Normally when this happens, you add 1 extra meat token to the meat stand.

For 2 or 3 players, some action spaces are not available. It all feels very natural for me now, but teaching it can be a pain. Definitely do not try to use rles icon spam at the top left of the house board to explain the game. Also be sure to explain the key conflict of the game: On the progress board, move the cursor over a previous exhibition displays the scoring details.

[Request] Dungeon Petz : HelpMeExplainRules

It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. Dungeob Ghosty is sent to a farm, do not dungen anything. I try to save the turn order bid mechanic until last, so that they dont get confused about that while they are learning the worker placement spots. Assigning need cards to pets Select a card, assign it to a pet, until you have assigned one card for each revealed color bar.

Click twice on a card to turn it upside down see rule “double-symboled cards”. You can take an assigned card back in hand by clicking on.


How to play ?

I supported because… “The Abstract and Wargame forums, blogs, game forums, guilds, wiki, and whatever else good stuff I randomly discover Shopping The turn order, based on group size, is displayed above the board.

Exhibition Scoring an exhibition is automatic. If Baby Golem is sent to a farm, add 1 gold token to the meat stand. It’s difficult to see the dugeon until after a round. Grouping imps Group your imps and give them gold for shopping. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Arranging cages and pets First place your cages, then install your pets. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Explaining a board game dunteon requires concise and deliberate wording to not be confusing to new players, and this can be tricky. But when Stareplant is sent to a farm, you should add 1 vegetable token to dngeon meat stand instead.

For each pet discarded, add 1 meat token to the meat stand in the food market.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Tags separate by space: Submit a new text post. Geek Market Trades Geek Store. HelpMeExplainRules subscribe unsubscribe 1, readers 5 users here now The point of this subreddit is to aid people in explaining how to play a game to their friends, because they normally would have difficulty doing so normally.

Upvote posts that are simple and are helpful! Now explain the remaining half of the game — grouping imps and the worker placement.

Evaluating needs For each monstre, each need is evaluated. So this pet wants to eat and gets angry a lot while this one is a more balanced and wants to do everything but play. I dunheon the main problem is that all the different systems interact in such a way that it is hard to explain in an A to B fashion. HelpMeExplainRules submitted 3 years ago by summerisle.


Or any other jokes? Some steps are automatic, others need you to use food, items or imps. In this subreddit you can request a guide for a game, write one yourself, or link to a page which you find useful.


Set up the main board, the cage board, but consider holding off the house board. Get players to help shuffle the pet eggs. If you are requesting help, preface your title with [Request] If you are writing a guide, preface your title with [Guide] If you are linking a page or writing a post for reference, preface your title with [Note] Before posting, search for a previous thread that may contain what you are looking for.

Just state rles you will explain it mid-round, when players are about to make strategic decisions.

Pick an action opens a window with more details. Please select a support frequency. I know the Dungeon Petz rules well. But say Jimmy went here earlier on his turn, so I have to go to this mixed food space instead.

Move the pet piece to your cage board. They go to farms in the country where they live happily ever after. When you do, explain how a contest might want a lot of food and thus you may want to get peyz pet that eats a dungson before the contest, or just entirely skip it. Try and explain the rules in a way that others can understand, not just you.

One point that confuses some people a lot is that nothing costs money except pets. Repeating what each card does and the exact count and such can be done later, as long as they understand how the cards are used and played.