In-game: Drow from the city of Menzoberranzan are raised in a world of lies and treachery. The noble houses of these dark elves are in. Drizzt: Drizzt is the famous violet-eyed drow ranger of Icewind Dale and Mithral Hall. Son of Malice, he was raised in Menzoberranzan and taught swordplay by. Menzoberranzan The Famed City of the Drow, Revealed At Last! [R. A. Salvatore] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Three books in this.

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Rizzen was Malice Do’Urden’s consort for most of Drizzt’s young life. Also a daughter of Zaknafein and Matron Malice Do’Urden, Vierna was the one drow other than his father for whom Drizzt felt a spark of kinship and a deeper sense that she was not completely evil, for she too seemed to inherit Zaknafein’s more moderate nature. A charismatic drow male, he menzoberranzxn an excellent speaker and has much prestige within the city.

An older student at Melee-Magthere and member of house Srune’lett, Dargathan was Liriel’s sword-trainer at Arach-Tinilith the cleric academy in Menzoberranzan. The article is available for viewing in its original state from the Forgotten Realms area on the WotC site: I’ve been googling menzonerranzan searching all morning but I can’t find more than the wikis.

Citations and sources are encouraged in answers. She was slender and deceptively small, and she had a reputation for taking any man in her house that she wanted to pleasure her, even commoners. Uthegental was the huge and strong weapon master of house Del’Armgo.

Great detail so far. In game a Menzoberranzan Renegade has available to it a distinct set of tattoos labeled “Renegade 01” through “Renegade 06”.

Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. He was not very bright but capable of flying into a terrible rage. They are available to those that have purchased the Hero of the North pack. There are lots dgow physical descriptions. Drizzt’s half-sister, Maya is a Lolth priestess. A drow fighter of house Hun’Ett, Masoj was the last drow that Drizzt killed before leaving Menzoberranzan, and he is also the reason Drizzt made his oath to never again take the life of a drow.


Ghenni-tiroth was a matron mother of house Faen Tlabbar, fourth house of Menzoberranzan.

Drow (Famous and Not)

Always under the shadow of Drizzt’s father, he was happy to challenge Drizzt to a duel, and he died despite the quickening power of his magic bracers. She droa killed in the attack.

Many huge stalagmites climb toward the ceiling, and these are turned into dwellings, in much the same way surface elves coax trees into a desired shape rather than simply clearing them and building something from scratch.

Zaknafein was forced to fight his son by Malice’s mental commands, but Drizzt awakened his father’s mind while they battled, and Zaknafein threw himself into a pool of acid in a moment of clarity, ending Malice’s control permanently. In return, Lolth gave Wulfgar over to Errtu as a prisoner, means by which the mighty demon could gain his revenge menzoberfanzan Drizzt. Acceptance as a student at Sorcere is highly coveted by young males as magic is the only path to any kind of real power in their matriarchal world.

More than once in various novels, it has mezoberranzan remarked that Jarlaxle is one of the menzoberramzan protected drow in the Underdark due to the competent soldiers he surrounds himself with.

Srow was almost ready to graduate from Sorcere Menzoberranzan’s wizard academy when he was attacked by Gelroos Hun’Ett on the night his house was destroyed by house Do’Urden.

Menzoberranzan Renegade – Official Neverwinter Wiki

He was menzoverranzan as the Faceless One because of his terribly scarred visage, which was the result of an exploding magical experiment. You can easily purchase well-trained slaves, fungi, molds and exotic creatures for food even ones imported from the surfacepoisons, potions, oils and elixirs, jewelry, perfumes and silk. Cattie-Brie, Drizzt’s ally, claimed his sword.


Matron of house Mizzrym, Miz’ri’s house is known for its trade contacts and its willingness to deal with nondrow, including surface-dwellers. She was killed by her daughter Briza at the Spider Queen’s behest after failing to kill her errant son Drizzt with the zin-carla of Zaknafein.

Menzoberranzan Drow Portrait Packs

It was the most secretive of bands, few in the city could even guess at the numbers in the group, and its bases were tucked away in the many nooks and crannies of the wide cavern.

Unless you have reason to believe something has fundamentally changed that would be reflected at the general architectural and everyday menzoberranza level of Menzoberranzan, more detailed sources from previous editions are super helpful to people trying to flesh out the world. It is ruled by a council of matrons from the eight greatest noble houses; the most powerful House in the city is House Baenreuntil recently led by Matron Yvonnel Baenreā€”a drow cleric who menzoberranzaan the single most powerful political figure in Menzoberranzan for about two thousand years.

Extremely devout and fanatical, she was killed by matron K’yorl Odran during the Time of Troubles when house Odran attacked her house. The matron of House Oblodra nearly reached her goal, but an avatar of Lolth answered Matron Baenre’s pleas for help and came to Menzoberranzan after the Time of Troubles had ended.

Drow, more commonly referred to as dark elves, are similar to their elven kin but have midnight black skin.