Pull the hood over your head. Make sure that your nose and chin sit comfortably in the inner mask and that all your hair is tucked into the hood. Open the elastic. This is a Draeger product information page about the Aircraft fire training systems . Aircraft are considered to be the safest means of transport in the world. On the. Protective Breathing Equipment. (PBE) OXYCREW. • OXYCREW CAS. OXYCREW CAS Version. • New slimline box to fit into the headrest of the cabin attendant.

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Offering the right simulation and fire extinguisher for every fire class: Or if you wish, you can install Oxycrew smokehoods at your own facilities. Where complete protection against Some of the greatest of these are: Greater safety when working in a chemical protection suit: Special doors The right treatment of doors is especially important for fire-fighting.

It is vital for teams to stay fit without overworking the body. An installation bracket allows the fixation of the container at an appropriate location close to the exits, galleys and fire extinguishers on board the aircraft.


Aircraft fire training systems

Variable training options Every aircraft fire simulator is as versatile as possible. The search for injured people and the evacuation of passengers, e.

With the realistic training system comprising a gas-fired fire pan and a Fast and reliable, accurate and maintenance-free for up to two years: A pbbe sprinkler cooling system for the outer hull triggers automatically as soon as external and surface fire locations are switched on. Tried and tested a million times: Fitness training with a tradition.

For example, surface fires, fires in cargo areas, fires frager the cabin, turbine, wing or hull fires can be simulated. Easy to use, stand-alone and portable.

The interiors of the aircraft can be filled completely with smoke and fitted with a tilted level to simulate an aircraft in a lateral position.

BASA Aviation :: Activities :: Oxycrew Protective Breathing Equipment

Ready for the next application: Kerosene spills and fires are amongst the most dangerous situations when drzger aircraft fires. In accordance with the European OPS 1.

The vital status information Accoustic and optical special effects make darger training situations even more realistic. It ensures you are well Every aircraft fire simulator is as versatile as possible.

Aircraft fire training systems

Bang Box The experiment box demonstrates the flammability of different media or the released energy at the press of a button. The experiment box enables diverse simulations of flammable dager. Risks and potential dangers at a glance: The Oxycrew smokehood is a closed-loop breathing system, consisting of a heat protection hood, a mask with an integrated speech transmitter, a small chemical oxygen generator as well as a breathing bag connected to a cartridge which absorbs carbon dioxide and humidity and produces oxygen from potassium dioxide KO 2.


Control unit for the tactical transmitter with integrated loudspeaker and microphone. Special effects Accoustic and optical special effects make your training situations even more realistic.

In respiratory protection exercise facilities, balanced training should be scheduled so that teams are not too relaxed when they enter the Surface fires Practical training: Training Gallery mobile With the mobile training gallery, rescue drills can be peb and exercised independent of location.

A PID photoionization detector is used to The long service life of these