In an interview, a good answer to this question would point out that OOP languages such as Visual , C# and C++ are the core. Whether you’re a candidate or interviewer, these interview questions will help NET and C# developer with over fifteen years of experience in creating web. We’ve identified the niche as interview questions. interview questions Qirina has identified a number of sites similar to Here they are.

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Comment posted by Suprotim Agarwal quetions Thursday, October 4, 9: I agree with a few posters on having to be careful about question lists like this.

Have her code-review it. In all cases they need to explain the decisions they made. How would you handle comments, especially when writing files.

How do we figure out if we are interviewing with the right company? I already saw a handful of them I don’t know, and it gives a springboard for what I need to learn next! I’m still just a web dev, but here are a couple of questions that I use as barometers of current knowledge – What’s the difference between a web farm and a web garden, and what are the differences in preparing a website for deployment to each of them. But more importantly, interfiew qualification on skill is subject to rot.


You work for a hedge fund and do lots of multi-threaded realtime work or “time” specific.

The objects are always created in contagious memory. Another pretty horrific question I got today was basically, the interviewer wrote some code on the board, and I basically had to describe the state of the stack and the heap after each line of code.

You have to choose what u want I suppose I usually describe a system such as a fancy water boiler and ask the candidates to model it if they were to implement the software for it based on the design Qkestions ask them a lot of whys and coulds.

Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software” http: Comment posted by ambar on Wednesday, February 27, Tell me about the most cost effective application you’ve ever written? They cannot be accessed directly.

Remember the interview process especially for senior developers is a dotnetunvle way process! I also need someone who is more action oriented than discussion oriented. Will she be able to articulate her opinions in a team code review or architectural discussion? What method do you use to explicitly kill a users session?

Interview Questions and Answers – Beginner Level (Part 1) | DotNetCurry

They can include all the design-time features of standard ASP. Most of the types which are defined under. I’d like to expand my horizons, but it’s often tough to find articles and resources that focus on concepts rather than implementations. Comment posted by Zaid Ahmad on Thursday, November 29, 1: What is SQL injection? The connection string can be stored in configuration files web.


Furthermore, conceptual questions about practices and trends help to reveal where a person’s motivation comes from.

.NET Interview Questions and Answers | DotNetCurry

You can innterview viewstate by a control by setting the EnableViewState property to false. Hi guys, I come from Germany and wiork as a ScrumMaster. I’d also run away from those “Name three” type of questions.

Comment posted by jai kumar on Thursday, February 16, Comment posted by Somi Choudhary on Thursday, July 12, 5: Some employers test logical thinking of there candidates and ask for the future plans of the candidates.

I saw so many “consultant” minimizibg the importance of tech aspects and how many failing project due to requirements gathered from those “consultants”!

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