Synopsis: A temporal projection of the fourth Doctor warns the seventh Doctor and Ace about the Timewyrm, a cybernetic living data-eater that can take over. Timewyrm: Genesys picks up where the Dr. Who series and the Seventh Doctor left off. The basic plot of the novel is Ishtar the Goddess of Kish has come to visit. Doctor Who New Adventures Timewyrm Genesys.

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I’m certainly glad that the book makes numerous references to many of the Doctor’s previous incarnations.

The Tower of Druaga. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Timewyrm: Genesys | Discontinuity Guide | The Whoniverse

Ninani waits for her father to leave, and then sets about to rescue the others from the dungeons. Rereading Genesys gave no surprises.

One wonders how language and communication were understood to be taking place back in the Classic series [before the explanation in the New series that the TARDIS translates language]. May 12, Andrew Loader rated it really liked it. Nov 28, Amanda rated it it was ok. I’m glad the first original adventures were written for the seventh Doctor and Ace, because I’ve always felt their characters were more complex than many that preceded them, and it was nice to get a bit of a better ttimewyrm at their inner thoughts.

The story whoo able to split up between the Doctor, Ace, the villain, and a variety of supporting characters on both sides of the battle.

I’ve read other Who books of his and it seems to be a pattern. In the early s he was commissioned by Target Books to write novelisations of several key Terry Nation Dalek stories of the s after the rights were finally worked out. People mistrusting and being mean-spirited about each other.

She just was not going to put up with the sexual politics, political hierarchies, and social mores of the time she was in. Time Lords tend to clear out their minds every few thousand years. Time’s Crucible Cat’s Cradle: When you’ve been after it as long as I have, it starts to feel like a bad stench in the air.


I am willing to give it one extra Star as it manages to at least be reasonably coherent, unlike other spin-off media, and it was the start of what would turn into a very interesting run of stories that would eventually come closer to the concept. Gilgameshthe first hero- kingrules the city of Uruk.

Latest Community Reviews Doctor Who. He rejects her offer “Her touch” and Ishtar get’s all annoyed and wants revenge for denying her touch or gift. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? The novel is oddly not divided into parts as if it was dcotor TV story dodtor as one long story almost like the Epic of Gilgamesh it was inspired by. She doctoor for a young Priestess of Ishtar, Dho, so that she might learn more about Ishtar, and find a way to fight her.

Anu is “many light years” away from Earth. Who novels I’d say that it’s something of a success. Looking forward to Exodusthe next in the range and part two of the Timewyrm sequence. However, the story takes an awfully long time to get going – halfway through the book, the Doctor and Ace are just starting to twig that something funny is going on in Kish.

Less enjoyable is the desire to explain every reference in detail. Anyway, those are some of geneesys thoughts. I liked the idea that the Doctor can and grnesys erase bits of his memory.

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I thought the stuff with the Third Doctor calls people by the wrong names doesn’t work. Perhaps this was the point, that he was confused as doctot.

An enjoyable, mostly rip-roaring adventure that pits the Dr and Ace against a superpowered being masquerading as a God in Ancient Mesopotamia, that also serves as the setting up of a larger narrative arc. The woman, genesyx claims to be the goddess Ishtartries to lure Gilgamesh into helping her. On crash-landing in Mesopotamia she poses as the goddess Ishtar. Jul 08, Chris rated it did not like it Shelves: The Doctor can see perfectly well in the dark.


The Doctor believes there is more to the legend of Utnapishtim.

Peel doctoe the potential of this book-series and kicks the events into gear right towards the end of the book. As Ace and the others attempt to destroy Ishtar, the Doctor is forced to try to save her. As can be expected they all team up and defeat Ishtar. When Ace remembers the Cybermen, during a conversation about cybernetics, we’re given a paragraph about not only her experiences with them, but also who they are in general.

But likewise, it also feels very New Who — with individual stories tied back to the arc view spoiler [ and the Doctor and Ace’s actions being both what brings them to the action and causing the problem are the timey wimey brilliance that some timfwyrm of new producers forget has been there all along hide spoiler ] As for the “adult themes” particularly added that supposedly stand out according to other reviews — where are they?

Timewyrm: Genesys – Wikipedia

On a reread removing that extra star for being even more dreadful than I recalled. Plus she saved the Doctor, the princess, and the priestess – so there’s that. I haven’t read it in a while, but some connections struck me as clever.

This was during The Invasion of Time.