Hello, Im french, sorry for my bad english. I whant à auto-generate thumb for my PDF I have à wrong message! Error it’s attachments. Bye. DOCman manages downloadable documents in Joomla. Organize files across Automated thumbnail generation for uploaded files. Every image file will get a. To use DOCman List you would have to type in {docmanlist. of your categories don’t have any documents in them, then you can hide the empty ones automatically . Description: This will allow you to customize the Thumbnail column label.

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This has now been resolved. You can setup the Width size in pixel of Document thumbnail images.

A user cannot reactivate a discussion for all users, they can only reactivate for themselves. A change has been made within Docman, where the user now has the ability to amend the due date within the workflow template at the creation stage of the workflow.

This was the same for when the user tried to use stamps after using the Eraser Tool. An issue has been resolved that would occur when using the standard re-routing form to add a new recipient and comments to a workflow.

Use Download Link to Document title: If set to Yes, when create categories, documents, you will be able to choose the language you want for that record. If set to Yes, when a document has no thumbnail image uploaded, default document thumbnail the zip icon will be displayed.

An issue has been resolved that would occur when attempting to file a document with Intellisense enabled. Do you want to add aliases of all nested categories or last one only. An issue has been resolved which was occurring when in Workflow. This was occurring when creating a new workflow and toggling between the workflow and manage tabs before sending the workflow. A new column has been added to the Workflow Intray to hold the due date of the workflow. An issue has been resolved that caused a number of errors during a patient export due to multiple connections being made to the database.

We have added the ability to rename a Docman documents folder and still have it map correctly to the original folder name when exported to another site on an earlier version.

  LBD 8347 PDF

This issue is now resolved, and the “object reference” error no longer appears.

Configuration | Edocman Documentation

We have fixed an issue in bulk re-routing where if the workflow was broadcast it would not complete it for the user that you were bulk re-routing from.

Do you want to show Icon pictures beside title Categories, Documents in Listing. An addition has been made to the user Security Settings that now provides you with the option to restrict the Show More facility. The Admin option to migrate existing messages will now present the user with a question asking if they wish to include deleted messages in the migration. Enter number words of document short description you want to show in Documents listing, leave zero 0 if you want to show all short description.

When deleting a document we have added the aut to add a reason as to why the document is being vocman. The thumbnails have been replaced with generic thumbnail icons to prevent these spikes. An issue has been uncovered and resolved which meant that when a user attempted to send a workflow to an inactive user, it would launch an error message when trying to load the workflow.

Related documents have the same category with current document Related documents is the same author: A change has been made that now gives the user the option to merge multiple attachments from a single email, which is then imported into Batch Manager as a single TIFF file.

You can put multiple email here, command seperated For example sales joomdonation. An issue has been fixed that was occurring because the image compression was not been checked before it was set. Only set to Yes if your site is multilingual. An issue has been resolved that was preventing the user from signing in to Tjumb when Single Sign on was switched on. This information has been added to the title bar on main module screens including: The SSO will work in the following way:.

We have resolved an issue that was occurring when scanning documents in colour.


These changes will only take effect on entries added after and later. The document would be saved at the angle rotated but annotations on the document would disappear. All changes to the due date will be audited.


If set to Yes, for document with the file extension allowed below, there will be a button which allows users to click on the document and view it directly on web browser. Do you want to show Hits amount in Document details page.

When feature is enabled, a user can ‘lock’ the document to upload new file to the document. Do you want to show Sort Option at the top of Documents listing page. If set to Yes, administrators will received notification thunb when someone download free documents Download notification email subject Download email body: The collection is enabled by default.

An issue has been resolved that was occurring when trying to alter the size of a document within iWorkflow. The same user annotation permissions that decide access ddocman highlight and stamping apply to the Erase tool. A change has been xocman within Docman where if a document has been annotated in both standard and iWorkflow, a new revision for the document will be automatically created.

This is now resolved, and the scanner works as normal. The user was able to add a new annotation without any issues but the list of annotations was not updated to include the new one.

The ability to exclude terms during a search has also been added, this is done by surrounding a word within square brackets. For security reasons the copy and paste facility was previously disabled, this can now be easily switched back on by highlighting the desired text and pressing Ctrl-C to copy. The document itself could be found in the directory but you would see the error: The picking list for the Clinical User field would not appear.

If docmn to Yes, you won’t have to set access level for indidividual document. An issue has been resolved that was occurring when attempting to re-select a rotated document within Batch Manager. If dpcman values were changed they were defaulted back to original value of 1.

Make sure you are using the version of the docan that was provided with your application.