“All this books and stuff, that isn’t what it should all be about. What we need is real wizardry. All is not well within the Unseen University. The endemic politics of. Sourcery was the fifth Discworld novel and the third appearance of Rincewind ( fourth if Mort counts). It was first published in by Victor Gollancz and later. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sourcery, a hilarious mix of magic, mayhem , and Luggage, is the fifth book in Terry Pratchett’s classic fantasy Discworld.

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The plot wasn’t terribly engaging. Interesting Times Terry Pratchett. This article needs additional citations for verification. It fails on almost every count but where he goes next is deep into Shakespeare and then onto Egyptology. Skip to content book reviews booksdiscworldreadingrincewindterry pratchett 4 Comments. That siad, I thought the first two books of this series were so good that I have been a little disappointed that the next 3 books have not, for me at least, been quite as good.

The Magician Versus the Headache – Sourcery | Pratchett Job

However, he thinks it may work better as a film and he can have fun with characters like Nijel the Destroyer. A group of Ankh Morpork wizards arrive sourecry attack Al Khali. Inhe turned to writing full time. Retrieved from ” https: He was, quite naturally, a wizard.


Lists with This Book.

An entertaining story and the typical, occasional very clever and funny observation about the world and things. In common with Equal Rites the resolution in this book focuses on the need for self-restraint, dsicworld best use of power is not to use it at all view spoiler [ curious this for somebody who once worked as a press officer for a nuclear power station hide spoiler ].

Trivia About Sourcery Discwor Sourcery Discworld 5by Terry Pratchett 1 10 Sep 29, View all 4 comments.

The story focuses on Rincewind, discworkd absolutely talentless and unmagical young wizard whose life consists of menial work at the Unseen University. Now magically, he’s turned up again, and this time he’s brought the Luggage. Sourcery died out on the Disc thousands of years ago. I understand the purpose and utility of Rincewind, but honestly In general, but especially here.

Coin becomes powerful enough to challenge the Gods, trapping them in an alternative reality. Discworld Ankh-Morpork Other dimensions. Mass Market Paperback sourcey, pages. There is only so many times I can sympathize with the old bloke who wants to be a wizard more than anything even without the faintest talent.

You need to login to do this. Retrieved August 29, Most of the wizards managed to turn their heads away. I’m out of options. Once again, it falls upon the reluctant Rincewind to save the world Ipslore, blaming the death of his wife in childbirth on the University, plans to hand over his unusual octiron wizard’s staff to fiscworld infant eighth son, whom he names Coin.


Great fun, with Terry Pratchett’s unique, sourrcery, often silly, humour: Jul 29, Audrey rated it liked it Shelves: He was, quite naturally, a wizard.

But that’s not all His novels have been widely adapted for stage and screen, and he was the winner of multiple prizes, including the Carnegie Medal, as well as being awarded a knighthood for services to literature. It’s a romp This was a good fun read as all the Discworld books are but it wasn’t my favourite in the series. Or maybe I’m getting burned out on Discworld after reading so many in a short period. View all 13 comments. Once I realized this is what was bothering me, I seemed to start enjoying the book more.

Mar 12, Mamen B.

This is going to sound rather critical despite my rating, but I feel like I ought to be rather honest. The adventure seemed good, but it was really focused on the zingers just a tad too much and I got tired of them. This one might be a tie with The Color of Magic as my least favorite of Discworld thus far.