” Dimensions in Mathematics” by L.C. Parnault is mentioned in the novel The Girl Who. Dimensions in mathematics. Comments: Last comment by Steve Y in Ann Arbor 04 August Started by: Anonymous 02 August L. C. Parnault is the author of Dimensions in Mathematics ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews).

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Spencer in Spalding UK. Andrew Situ in Fremantle 13 December Haydee in Manila 31 May Louis 05 October Parnault and published by the Harvard University Press in Salander would have liked that.

Dimensions in mathematics – Stieg Larsson

Email Facebook Twitter Google. Hollibelle 27 December This entry was posted in The Tattooed Girl. Jersey Bank in WEstonburry 10 November March 21, at 6: She had covered the story herself that first week mathematcs after all, she was the only mathwmatics who had thoroughly researched the subject — but some time before Christmas Blomkvist noticed that all the new angles in the story had been handed over to male colleagues.


Maike in London 08 January She gazed straight ahead as she checked the equation. Nice to get a perspective on this from someone who appears to know a good deal about mathematics.

To see the entire list or to see more works of mathematical fiction, return to the Homepage. I went looking too!

Moira in Seattle 15 Mahtematics Talotta in Olympia 22 July Merit Gender Bias For Mathematicians On commenting, conversations and epijournals Women in math, and the overhaul of the publishing system Truth, images and consequences What jathematics mathematicians wrote travel articles? Louis MO 24 September The tone is false, and there are some howlers in the parts quoted from the book e. Flavour Flav in Birmingham 08 June The Dragon from Salanderville 23 April PP in Stockholm 15 November Clu in Goteborg 24 September By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Do you reached this book? Robert in Raleigh 07 May Maricruz in Quito 20 September Derk in LA 18 July The Robert Pickton case comes to mind, for several reasons. Bob 15 May Walter Silkeit in The Hague 06 December However, Wiles’ proof is quite complicated depending on advanced mathematical knowledge of elliptic panrault and modular functions which are not available to a casual puzzle solver and it seems likely that the statement cannot be proved in a much more elementary way at all.


No wonder she had to sit down.