Diario de un ama de casa desquiciada (Libros del Asteroide nº 64) (Spanish Edition) eBook: Sue Kaufman, Milena Busquets: : Kindle Store. “Diario de un ama de casa desquiciada” de Sue Kaufman está a medio camino entre “La campana de cristal” de Sylvia Plath y la serie “Mujeres Desesperadas”. Buy Diario de una Ama de Casa Desquiciada from Dymocks online BookStore. Find latest reader reviews and much more at Dymocks.

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Diary of a Mad Housewife by Sue Kaufman

I was fascinated that and this is not a spoilershe became a housewife after living a relatively loose single girl’s life because it was seen as a kind of “cure” by her family. Lists with This Book.

Literarily, the writing is beautiful, with rich details and a fast moving plotline, although “nothing much” happens I personally would shove Zoloft at her and encourage her to actually make non socially climbing friends, but she lives in a very different world than we do Another one I read like years ago. If you’ve seen the great movie adaptation of this which I watched originally in college because my love Frank Langella was in it as the above-mentioned shit heelyou’ll see this book was faithfully adapted.

Having, of course, better morals and a non social climbing mysoginistic husband, I did not, of course, resort to an affair, nor would ever, but Bettina is so isolated, both from her radically changed spouse, her children, her “friends” who are really backbiting associates, and even from any spiritual side she might have one had, that she felt there was nowhere else to turn. I’m in awe that a book can feel so distinctly vintage, and yet feel so timeless.

View all 5 comments. Full of shrewd observations about marriage and domestic life that are still relevant 50 years after it was first published. And I found it easier to root for Tina desqkiciada the book–she’s neurotic, but wryly aware of it.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Although this book is considered widely to be “feminist” literature, I think the plight of the main character will resonate with any reader who has ever felt trapped, bored, humiliated or lonely, anybody who has ever searched for the extraordinary of the ordinary.


While the story is a bit dated, there’s sti Take one part The Group, two parts Bell Jar, a half portion of voyeurism, a dash of bitters, and you have Diary of a Mad Housewife. I adore this book.

Diario de un ama de casa desquiciada – Sue Kaufman – Google Books

This is a well written classic which gave readers insight into the mind of well educated housewives. Then you go to being astounded at the husband. Sue Kaufman was a fine and funny writer and I thoroughly enjoyed my second go-round with this, her third novel. Maybe it’s because a lot of what Tina deals with still hangs around in desquicidaa present day, 50 years later.

She allows the characters to speak for themselves and lets the story unfold in an unforced progression of events. Pero la prosa de Kaufman lo compensa. Which just made me sadder and sadder the more I’ve been thinking about it, that Sue Kaufman either just took the happily-ever-after, easy way out, or was so depressed by her own situation sorry, Re read most everything as if it’s autobiographically based that she had to dream up an if-only and put it together, maybe as something to hold up as a beacon of hope.

At Vasser dd did some editorial work and went on to writing. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The book was published inright before feminism would go mainstream and save a dixrio of upper middle-class white women from Bettina’s fate, so everyone keep that in mi A wonderfully sardonic look at the state in late twentieth-century marriage as seen through the eyes of Bettina Balser, a smart, upper-middle class housewife living in Upper West Side Manhattan with her two young daughters, a dog, a maid, and her husband – a sniveling, controlling, insufferable social climber named Jonathan.

Diario de un ama de casa desquiciada

Quotes from Diary of a Mad Ho Book 14 for book club. When Bettina Balser begins to suspect that she is going mad, she starts a secret diary as a form of therapy and escape.


Sep 11, Abby Rosmarin rated it really liked it. But I still loathe Johnathan. Jul 28, Maggie rated it liked it. Oh this book is just terrific. I am intrigued by Desquiciadz regaining some “control” or sense of caa as the book finishes. Mar 25, Oriana rated it really liked it Shelves: Unica nota davvero stonata: She has the Mad Men lifestyle: You know, this book has really stuck in my head since I recently finished it.

I enjoyed the descriptions of the protagonist’s neuroses as well as her backstory. She seems to have everything and even though her life isn’t perfect, she doesn’t even have to clean her own damn house! Bettina slowly comes unhinged as she tries to accept her role as obedient and supportive wife to her domineering husband without losing herself in the process.

She received her degree from Vassar College in Not that I think he was wrong to do so obvs, the book is from Bettina’s POV, so we’re likely going to side with herbut it’s almost too wonderful to have him go through such a change of heart like that. Pries the dirty tobacco tin lid off marriage and contempt in an amusing way. Dec 29, Green Magritte rated it really liked it. And having given up on life as an artist and spending her post-college single youth working as a secretary, she’s expected to become a housewife and hostess until the end of dee days.

And she’s not the doormat that she sometimes is in the movie. Jun 14, Kim Fay rated it it was amazing. What I am at other times is so jazzed up with nerves I can’t stand still and everything shakes, and I end up either having to take a pill or a quick sneaky shot of vodka-it depends which is diqrio. I like Kaufman’s understated style.