The best means for this is Dhyana. Today, men with new fangled ideas argue how Dhyana is to be done and even why it should be done. But they do not know . Dhyana Vahini. Series: Vahini, Book 3 want to lead a God-centric life, careful reading of this Vahini will help them to reach the goal of life. Dhyana Vahini – Kindle edition by SSSST Publications Division, N. Kasturi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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It gives all Sadhakas the enthusiasm and the vigour necessary for treading the path that leads to Sakshathkara. You must have contentment, whatever the gain or loss, or state. Because, for each one his path will appear as the best. The secret of success in Dhyana lies in the purity of the inner life of the Sadhaka. Then the quality of universal Prema will develop in you. Place a mat of Durbha grass on it, spread a deer-skin on the mat and have a thin white cloth laid on the skin.

The Sadhanas of Yoga, Pranayama or Tapas are beset dyhana pitfalls at every step and they are full of dangers, too. How can contemplation on such an Atma be anything other than pure? About Publish Join Sign In.

The entire Creation is a delusion of your mind! These are fraught with many dangers. If you do so, you cannot enjoy the sweetness of the fruit; besides, the plant itself will not survive.

Man is suffering despair and defeat on account of the waywardness and unsteadiness of the Anthah-karana, which itself is the result of his inability to control and guide the bullocks dhyanaa Buddhi and Manas, unused as they are to Dhyanam dhgana Japam to the extent of even stepping along that path! Before that moment comes, be ready with the thought of God. If you enter upon any task with firm determination, no impurity can affect you.


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This is very necessary. This is indeed a very awesome scene. It is possible to acquire various occult powers or Siddhis through Yoga and Tapas. Instead, if its origin and previous story are considered; and if the plant, its leaves and branches are taken into account, the flower which is the most important, the beautiful and the most attractive is likely to be forgotten and only ‘the plant’ is discussed. The immortal experience of the Atma should never be mixed up dhyanna low activities of the temporal world.

Dhyana and Dhyana alone has the capacity to make a person transcend the vicissitudes of time and make him ever the same equanimous individual, as if he is another Dhyanx himself.

In order to achieve this, the best path is the first, the Sathwika Dhyanam. But the road vahino missed, since he is unaware of this truth. The waves of the mind, which sway in many directions, get a single aim. Baba’s Telugu is sweet and simple and goes straight to the heart.

This means that even the purest of Vasanas, the craving for Moksha or Liberation, has to disappear in time.

Item s unavailable for purchase. In the former type of Sadhana, the practices differ according to the caste or religion.

So all efforts must be directed to destroy the realm of anger so that no Commander can venture to let loose the hounds of war. Therefore, give up all such feelings; strengthen the faith in the unshakable Holiness of Nama and its appropriate Form.

Teachings of the Hindu Mystics. One cannot exist without activity; so, one must of necessity act through ‘good’ qualities. March 31, Words: Also by This Author.

We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. On the other hand, if you feel some compulsion and some discontent, all kinds of possible and impossible obstacles will present themselves. He goes towards his goal, from caravanserai to caravanserai, stage by stage.


Do not argue about these things with everyone whom you come across. But when one gets a chance of taking money, every moment is auspicious!

Dhyana Vahini – वेद Veda

And the cart too will come to grief! So, the Rajasika and the Thamasika forms can never be considered as Dhyanam. Whatever might be the tangle in which men are caught, if they get immersed in the Lord’s Name, it will make them free; besides, by this means, they can realise without fail the Name and Form through which they constantly remember the Lord.

When people wander helter-skelter, not knowing the road, in a strange land; and when some one comes to direct them along the right path, it is not just that he is laughed at and dishonoured; it brings about only ruin and confusion!

Dhyana Vahini

If only he entered upon the house-holder’s life with the attitude of performing one’s duty, then he need not run away from it and seek caves and forests. Unfortunately, though man has the unique chance of tasting the inner peace that such a mind can grant, he is a stranger to the joy and equanimity that is his birthright.

With the senses weakened and powerless and refusing to function; with the parents, the wife and children, the relations, all crowding on one side, and the Messengers of Death compelling you to pack up for the journey without delay on the other