Decreto Ministeriale 7 novembre «Modalità operative del Fondo riassicura- tivi» e Decreto Ministeriale 7 N / Member State. Reglamento de Compras y Contrataciones de Bienes, Servicios, Obras y Concesiones. Deroga el. Decreto , Decreto No. (República Dominicana. The Decree sets out rules on general provisions, special .. 76 http://

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President Kim, Excellencies, colleagues, friends, to begin Canada stands beside you and will continue to contribute in terms of humanitarian aid … and about how we move forward.

And with this very brief introduction I would like to leave you with Dr. Just yesterday I was with the G-7 finance ministers and central bank governors, and Philip Hammond from the UK made a very, I think, important suggestion which is that some of the countries that have graduated from receiving concessional financing that we may create a window.

That has been unprecedented.

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Now, what it takes is for the Board to agree and provide some grant-based financing that we can then stretch into much lower-interest loans or in some cases, grants. Innovation also means building on successful insurance initiatives like the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility which Canada supported.

So much so that Grenada became the pioneer of the Hurricane Clause in its restructured debt arrangements. So, building resilience to extreme weather events is clearly in the center of the adaptation work.

This extraordinary meeting today follows extraordinary events. Included in this 40-07 be consideration of, one, the changes in the eligibility criteria for concessionary finance; two, proposals to address high indebtedness in the Caribbean; three, the use of so-called state contingent debt instruments such as hurricane clauses and countercyclical loan instruments; four, accelerating a reduction in the cost of remittance transfers and support for new strategies that can support diaspora communities to invest back home.

Medina deroga y sustituye reglamento de compra y contrataciones públicas

And because we believe that the truest sense of compassion comes with helping others to help themselves, as we respond to immediate needs, we are also looking for ways to help build resilience as so many have said ddecreto wisely. When those headlines fade, we must all make sure, all of us, ourselves included, that our commitment does not fade.


This will require the generosity of bilateral donors, the United Nations, the World Bank and just as importantly, it will require the private sector.

Hurricane Maria went from Category 1 to Category 5 in less than 36 hours. But, of course, as though payouts from the private insurance policies through local businesses soon come up, that will also help to catalyze the economy and to give confidence back to the private sector and to start the economic growth that we want to start seeing again.


So, we need to now think strategically with the insurance industry. Thank you, colleagues, friends, I appreciate the derceto to reaffirm our longstanding and unwavering commitment to our neighbors to the south. Decreyo in order to do exactly this, to provide advice, research, expertise on risk financing to countries facing climate change issues, natural disasters and the big challenges that we are talking about today. They want to prevent having catastrophic outcomes and we want that as well.

In Dominica housing, schools, hospitals have been severely damaged, if not completely destroyed, and percent of agricultural land is uprooted.

So, dscreto are five things that we will commit to going forward and I hope that we can all work together on it. Thank you, President Kim, my colleagues, prime ministers of 49-07 region, other distinguished 490-007 of government, governors, other representatives of regional organizations here, brothers and sisters all. We will innovate together, but also we will look at how we can coordinate together. We may hope for the best, but we have to plan for the worse.

This work is going to be overseen by a colleague of mine, Mr. We are entering into a new and unprecedented era of climate change and its grievous effects upon us all. When I see the emotional display by colleague prime ministers publicly, I am not surprised.

So, what an opportunity to put right on the table, a wonderful opportunity of building resilience for Paris. Moreover, debt which should be an important development financing vehicle is currently insensitive to the impact of external shocks on the capacity of countries to pay, and cecreto becomes a burden that seeks privilege above humanitarian needs. There is an enormous opportunity for us.


And resilience starts with ex-ante preparedness. Second, strong coordination is essential. So, I put the challenge right back to you, Mr. Now, many of you may know that there is a meeting on climate change on December 12 thsponsored by France, and we really appreciate your leadership on this.

And 49-007 this case, their interest is very much aligned with all of our interests. This means that our starting 490-7 should be best practices.

Yet, we must also discuss two other levels of action. The road to recovery in Dominica and across the Caribbean, we know will be long. As I mentioned, Grenada has already introduced the Hurricane Clause.

And in delivering to the region, the international community can benefit a growing number of countries facing the challenge of financing the agenda in a world of external shocks. But I urge you to put every single option, every single creative idea on the table so that we can respond. This discussion on recovery and resilience must continue at COP 23 next month in Germany.

Antecendente y Objetivo

The people of the Caribbean have just defreto two Category 5 storms in just over two weeks. While there has been financing for mitigation, there has not been a lot of financing for adaptation.

Thank you very much, Prime Minister.

We recognize that both our interests and our futures are inextricably linked. These institutions must lead the building of a climate resilient Caribbean, in partnership with the World Bank and other international finance institutions.

Let me begin with local ownership. So, five things that we promise to work with you on. The year storm, colleagues, is now the new norm.