Can anyone find a link or remember the cybergenics leg workout? I remember performing this in college and experienced a substantial. Cybergenics called their program a “steroid replacement system.” The real key to the Cybergenics program was really the training routine. Cybergenics training routine, learn about the Cybergenics total bodybuilding system workout.

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Thursday, May 1, Shoulda, coulda, woulda, did So the pros were: Success Tips and Strategies.

Create new account Request new password. Then did the cybergenics routine. Once in ketosis my energy level did not change.

Cybergenics Workout

If your chest growth is lagging, give this workout a try. As far as being the devil – that would be one of the nicest things said about me in conjunction with the programs – ask the guys and gals that trained with me one on one for all of those years and still do Resistance Training — The Benefits you Gain.

When you purchase the Cybergentics box you will get all the supplements that you need for the 60 day program. The diet tells you that you should ONLY eat for fybergenics hours a day as the program is designed to get you working out in the morning after 13 hours of fasting which is what it insists on to get the promised results.

Cybergenics Workout Program For Building A Massive Chest

Raymond August 19, at 6: Shoulder press to positive and negative failure take off woroout percent of the weight and again go to positive and negative failure take off another 50 percent of the weight and again go to positive and negative failure Dumbbell lateral raise to positive and negative failure take of 50 percent of the weight and again go to positive and negative failure.


Getbig Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness Forums. Or were not on steroids, and decided this was a viable replacement? I’m not sure where to start with cyberbenics.

Cybergenics Arm Workout From The Cybergenics Total Body Building System Manual

I bought the kit, but I was 30 years old and had no illusions about magic results from the pills. Specific medical advice should be obtained from a licensed health care practitioner. At the end of each cycle your muscles should be fatigued to the point that completion of the movement without any added resistance is momentarily impossible or extremely difficult depending on the movement. Placed myself in ketosis. Best Super Bowl Party Ever.

Cybergenics Workout Program For Building A Massive Chest

Get your balls shrunk right here! The method they taught is very tough and a lot of hard work, but cybergrnics friend of mine that busted through a couple of plateaus using the Cybergenics Phase 1 chest routine.

Started the cybergenics back in November 15, Below are just a few examples: And, even though I knew full well that it was NOT the supplements that gave me the results, I considered it money well spent just for the impetus to do it.


You need a partner that gonna Challenge and push you beyond your limits.

People used to tel me they got tired just whatching me. It is no small wonder that we are constantly looking for that “secret exercise” or even more exciting cybergenocs “secret routine” that will increase upper arm size dramatically. Rest between cycles is only 1 minute, or as long as it take you training partner to complete his cycle.

Even better, Franco attributed his bodybuilding success to cybergeenics of this particular kit. Never1AShow on November 14, On Mondays and Thursdays you would train Legs and Abdominals.

I no longer train bodybuilding style so couldnt see it being of value any longer. Did Trevor Cybbergenics incorporate high jumps in his version? I cheated on a few of the 6th day sets, but overall stuck to it. Here is a sample of the leg routine: Caloric intake is kept low, equal to your BMR Bodyweight in lbs.

Everything is done to failure.

You could probably do the diet and training and see “something” in the way of results not sure what they would cbergenics though honestly without ever taking any of the magic pixie dust. November 20, Every cycle must be brought to the point of total negative failure.