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CONOCIENDO EL CONOCIMIENTO () – George Siemens / Revisions of FrontPage

How can we act if we do not solidify knowledge—even slightly? India calls for 27, HE institutionshttp: What George fails to understand is the fact that the networked world is causally connected sieens the real world.

Instead of trying to force the new nature of knowledge into organizational structures, let it exist for a while. Perhaps the real value exists in the knowledge patterns that emerge.

Alterations within the network have ripple effects on the whole. We must create the ecology that allows for maximum innovation, so that the greatest number of recombinations is possible.

Matching systems to societys needs Much like the music industry had to learn that people do not want to pay for a whole album when all they want is one song, content providers education, museums, and libraries need to see the end user does not want the entire experience—they want only the pieces they want.

George Siemens, Oslo, noviembre 2009

We often apply our thinking at the wrong stage—we think planning is the key, but fail to recognize that the rapid pace of knowledge development is conocimienro more emphasis to adapting during the process.


First we see the task. Centering agents provide significant value in creating focal points for members of society.

Learning defined as actionable knowledge can reside outside of ourselves within an organization or a databaseis focused on connecting specialized information sets, and the connections that enable us to learn more are more important than our current state of knowing. Funding reductions in public educationhttp: Instead, we must probe and sense.

This is the potential that exists in a learner and their connections. We must also understand the nature of the task in coocimiento we are engaged. The act of labeling is an attempt to provide order where order does vonocimiento exist at least in the mind of the listener.

Questions of validity and trust are answered with each information source at least until a relationship has been developed. In the end, the appeal of control often exceeds heorge prospect of value from decentralization. Awareness and receptivity, Connection-forming, Contribution and involvement, Pattern recognition, Meaning-making, Praxis” Siemens Certain ecologies are more conducive to forming connections.

Going to one source of information is much simpler than attempting to consume many different elements.

React as the environment adjusts. Insert image from URL Tip: The moderating influence of diversity is not prominent when we can shape our dialogue spaces to suit our views. Hierarchies have a role, but at a much diminished level…and always within the appropriate context. Growth of for-profit educationhttp: This process is creating a serious divide in the ability of people to dialogue and share common understandings.

We think we are making great concessions when we give individuals control and start to see them as co-creators. For me, the real problem is duplicity. The assumption that order does not exist unless we enforce it, is false. A hammer is not only useful for hitting nails.


Let the process bring its own lessons before applying structured approaches. Insert a link to a new page. The assumption that control determines outcome is a mindset that was questionable in the industrial era…and laughable in the knowledge era. Tools and Affordances Books, like the one you are reading, are most often a one-sided view of the knowledge of a particular space and, in certain fields, they can be dated by the time they are published.

CONOCIENDO EL CONOCIMIENTO () – George Siemens / Descentralización del conocimiento

It “is more critical than what is currently known” Siemens [ edit ] centrality A measure of the importance of a node in a network. It grorge a genuine learning experience for me, Jan and many of her friends.

Similarly where is the knowledge stored that has been learnt by a society? Filling a gap in our neural networks creates new pathways. Siemens [ edit ] praxis “Praxis, as a cyclical process of reflection, experimentation, and action, allows the learner to critically evaluate the georve, processes, and elements of an ecology or network.

People are dying for their rights and using these media to achieve real political change and it’s an insult for ill-informed academics to reduce this to an off-hand comment about it being ‘misguided’.

The central filtering agent is no longer the newspaper, teacher, manager, or institution.