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Innovative proposals already under way such as the EVALTEC programme, evaluation of new technologies, support for specific curricular development of medical residents who choose this hospital with a number below one hundred, or support for capturing new Heads of Department with proven track records not only demonstrate the renewed commitment of IDIVAL to innovation, but contribute to reinforcing the innate philosophy of the hospital since its first manager, the renowned Wenceslao Lopez Albo, to try to attract the best talent.

Comparative study of the effect of PTH and strontium ranelate in an experimental model of atrophic nonunion. Several species cause disease in humans. Users of our products are solely responsible that the product is suitable for its intended application, and have determined such at their sole discretion. This interaction is a key element sanifario developing healthcare of the highest level.

Evaluate the costs derived from treatment, as well as the level of patient and family satisfaction. Lima dos Santos, C.

Activity report – PDF

A Word of Caution. Molecular Imaging in the study assessment of the mineralization and inflammation of the carotid atheroma plaque. Doctoral Thesis Andrea Corrales Pardo. Jaime Calvo at the Hospital Sierrallana of Torrelavega. Randomised, double-blind study to assess the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, efficacy and safety of RGB compared with MabThera, combined with methotrexate, in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Staff recruited through this line of co-financing in have been offered their third and second contract year, respectively Call: Anatomical-radiological MRI correlation studies in joint pathology.


The innovation area working to support the development of innovative health technologies healthcare devices, diagnostic tools, medical software and management of new therapies based on the application of the study of human factors set out in the development of technologies and their later use; as well as the usability and ergonomics of them.

Epigenetic modifications induced by adverse childhood experiences and endothelial damage in chronic migraines: These bacteria are able to release huge quantities of hydrolytic enzymes inside host cells by means of complex secretion systems TSS partially inserted into the bacterial membrane.

Transitional elastography and organ donation. Table 1 shows the results of indole positive counts in refrigerated prawns stored during 10 days. All these drawbacks make these indirect procedures inadequate for quality control purposes where aspects like easy performance and rapid results are essential. University of Cantabria D.

Penaeus merguiensis stored at different temperatures. The IDIVAL Laser Microscopy Unit offers a high-end microscopy sanitzrio to internal and external research groups with the ultimate goal of reaching top performance potential in their fluorescence studies in the shortest possible time. Characterisation and potential reversibility with direct antiviral agents.

Other industrial property rights were also processed during A New Understanding on Asthma. Our study shows that oral administration of Sanotario in SOD1-G93A transgenic mouse, an experimental model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALShas a neuroprotective effect on motor neurons: The research that we are currently developing centers on: Barriers to HCV treatment in the era of triple therapy: Consolidated Group Research lines 1.

Molecular characterisation of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in Cantabria, its 12432 in the clinical and epidemiological context of our region.

2015 Activity report

This call for NEXT-VAL research projects is aimed at translational research projects led by main Researchers who have never accessed this type of competitive access grant. Antimicrobial Resistance mechanisms in gran-positive bacteria.

Clin Physiol Funct Imaging. Tryptophan Intestinal Microbiome Colony-forming unit.


Genomic studies for routes and genes. The study of aminoglycoside-resistance in gram-negative bacteria both Enterobacteria and non-fermenters is another objective of our group.

Studies biological and genetic factors in lymphoid tumour banks. To calculate this grant, one must consider the impact factor of each IDIVAL research group on projects in which a group s author is first or last, and differently, the impact factor corigo projects on those in which the group s author is neither the first nor last. Shelf life of shrimp.

Multicenter Study of 41 Patients and Literature Review. Modified colorimetric method for indole in shrimp.

Topics Discussed in This Paper.

University of Cantabria Representative of the University of Cantabria. General surgery training in Spain: Molecular Imaging od Glucose Metabolism in Oncology. A Diagnostic Test Review. Integrated genomic studies allow us to identify critical survival pathways in different types of neoplasms, revealing in them essential genes.

Immunology laboratory is a national reference for the study of anti-type II anhydrous carbonic in diagnosing the disease.

Our major research field is the formation of the digits. Impact of anticoagulation on upper-gastrointestinal bleeding in cirrhosis.

In cancer, the integration of highly-complex molecular studies with those focused on the use of drugs aimed at chosen targets can facilitate recognition of the pathways and genes essential for the survival of neoplastic cells, enabling the identification of molecular markers to guide therapy.

We aim to identify and characterize genetic variants that influence measures derived from anatomical brain images MRI: Contribution of imaging methods ultrasound, MRI to the study of diffuse liver disease. Prognostic and biological significance of survivin codifo in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma treated with rituximab-chop therapy. Fantasy or future reality?.