No Problem!: A Low-Stress, High-Velocity Guide to Writing a Novel in 30 Days: A High-velocity, Low-stress Way to Write a Novel in 30 Days 01 by Chris Baty. Always wanted to write a novel? Short on time or inspiration? Surrounded by angry marmots and need something to throw at them? This is the book for you!. NaNoWriMo Founder Chris Baty is a writer and teacher. His books include No Plot? No Problem! and Ready, Set, Novel.

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But honestly that’s about it. That sounds both doable and brutal, and it’s part of the point.

This is not a well written book nor is this a good guide to writing a novel of your own. On November 1, participants begin working towards the goal of writing a 50,word novel by These are short novels by today’s standards. You can read the whole book upfront to gain insights and tips about this wacky exercise, or proglem can use it as a personal adviser during the NaNoWriMo event itself, reading the individual weekly chapters at the appropriate time. This thing gets bigger every year.

NaNoWriMo tries to make it possible.

11 spoilers from the NaNoWriMo guide ‘No Plot? No Problem!’

Stephen King’s On Writing was surprisingly informative. Too bad I got distracted about 10, words into my horrendous novel.

People who’d like to write a novel. You have a large community to write with and get support from. In the first year, it was a handful of friends in San Francisco; 15 years have passed and nowpeople are expected to start participating in NaNoWriMo on Saturday.

Dec 29, Jokoloyo rated it really liked it. There’s a lot of talk of things you can do like describe the weather or have a character sing a song but a chapter dedicated to prompts and challenges would have made this a fuller resource. Yes, that is a problem!

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It was probably meant to be cgris laughs at times like the joke about printing your novel on the company printerbut things like calling in sick to finish your novel and contacting an chrls every other week on the status of your novel don’t seem like sound advice to me. The book has quite a few good ideas to get a person writing, but the most prominent piece of advice is to write in a sustained fashion. The NaNoWriMo is an event that some of my friends really do. Or distracted by remembering what I’ve read and playing around on this site.


P And besides, it felt vaguely appropriate to read it this month.

Why was I not doing this? Feb 07, C.

Chris Baty is after all the architect of this insane month that demands you type like there is no tomorrow and finish a novel in 30 days.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Cbris plan on making my first attempt this November — the month when NaNoWriMo officially occurs, although participants are welcome to stage their own NaNoWriMo “Camp” during any month of the year. And if I hadn’t read this, I wouldn’t have tried NaNoWriMo, and – slight sidetrack here – if I hadn’t gotten involved in that, I probably wouldn’t have run across Scrivener, batty writing software package I tried and liked so much I bought three copies for my office PC, living room PC, and laptop.

At which point, I get a running start and dive headlong into my wordpile, rolling around and snorting like a pig. Enough that I’m still working on it and intend to finish and submit it in It’s a potent force that, when wielded with respect, will level any obstacle in its path.

No Plot? No Problem!: A Low-Stress, High-Velocity Guide to Writing a Novel in 30 Days by Chris Baty

It’s not that we’re lazy, it’s that there is cnris much else to do. The point of NaNoWriMo, of course, is to pound out a 50k manuscript in one month. You’ve always wanted to write, but. Write 50, words in 30 days. Without a deadline, you can always start your novel tomorrow. You are now following this newsletter. Especially good for King chria looking for a little autobiography. You Problrm book is the companion monkey, probblem tour guide, and pocket personal adviser on how to write a 50, word novel in 30 days, written by no less than the founding father of the National Novel Writing Month NaNoWriMo himself.


They were encouraging, funny, clever, and caring, and for me they were one of the highlights of the NaNo expe I’m such a huge fan of Chris Baty’s, I’m surprised I’d never picked this up before. This book is the reason I can draft quickly and badly and enjoy it. I was also amazed by how outdated his suggestions about technology were about how libraries conveniently had ethernet ports — heh heh.

Writing Tools: No Plot? No Problem! by Chris Baty

I was, thankfully, so very, very wrong, and I’m glad another GoodReads member ventured the recommendation. Baty’s pep talks and essential survival strategies cover the initial momentum and energy of Week One, the critical “plot flashes” of Week Two, the “Can I quit now? The second reason I call it misleading is that it would be more accurate to subtitle it This one is fun, although the title is more than a touch misleading – batyy about the National Novel Writing Month NaNoWriMo event that takes place every November although, of course, anyone is free to attempt it in any other month they choose.

Baty writes in a friendly, humorous tone, never taking any aspect of the process too seriously except the goal 50K words and the deadline 30 days. The rewrite you lpot choose to do after NaNoWriMo concludes will likely add considerably to the word count before it graduates to a finished, polished novel. Oct 21, Debbie Petersen rated it poot liked it Recommends it for: