Remembering the guru: Chattampi Swami’s walking stick, drum and mala on display next to his statue at his samadhi shrine in Panmana. Chattampi Swami () was the harbinger of renaissance and reformation in Kerala. His thoughts and work influenced the launching of many social. Sri Chattampi Swamikal (–) was a Hindu sage and social reformer. His thoughts and work influenced the launching of many social.

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He stated that ancient religion and law in India gave equal status to women and that their role is very important in family and society.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Swami Vivekananda had at last seen a Kerala Prathibha genius. Corruption, oppression, plunder and other heinous crimes led to their being reborn as dogs.

Swami explored the roots of Kerala society and original inhabitants, and sociologically and genealogically connected most of the present groups in Kerala including the priestly class to common ancestors who were the original inhabitants known as the Nakas. Selected pages Title Page.

Chattampi Swamikal

There he acquired deep and extensive mastery of all sastras in Tamil and Sanskrit. He detested the killing of animals and the eating of meat.

The Man, the Path, the Teaching. The state of unity with the object of mediatation and the universal consciousness. He looked no different from a rustic.

They set an example for others to follow. He questioned the legitimacy of the supposed supremacy of the upper caste Hindus and strove to cure them of their superstitious beliefs and customs. Tenfold order of Sannyasins.

My homage at the altar of this Majesty of knowledge. The authors have shown commendable patience and perseverance in collecting information and also in gathering a sheaf of photographs that take us back to the times of the Swami’ – wrote Prema Nandakumar in The Hindu 25 October A Perfect Jeevanmukta A Jeevanmukta is the liberated individual who while still living in the physical body is not conditioned by the limitation of his gross constitution and believes the entire universe to be the manifesation of the Absolute or his highest self.


His Meeting with Swami Vivekananda In while Swamikal was staying in the house of a devotee at Ernakulam, he came across Swami Vivekananda who was on his Parivrajaka wandering monk tour at the time.

His thoughts and work influenced the launching of many social, religious, literary and political organisations and movements in Kerala and for the first time gave voice to those who were marginalised.

On his Shashtiabdapurthi 60th birthday inat a simple meeting presided over by Swami Dayananda, the title of Vidhadhiraja Theerthapada Paramabhattara was conferred on him by distinguished scholars. Servant of Lord Subramaniya. He also learned Siddha medicine, music, and martial arts. He died on 5 May after a short illness during which he objected to taking any medicine [19] He was buried at his Samadhistanam at Panmana.

It was there that he earned the name Chattampi on account of his assignment as the monitor of the class. He used to overhear the Sanskrit classes conducted for brahmin boys by a Sastrikal. Swamikal visualised a universal family of man without the barriers of caste or creed.

The book describes the trigunas, trimurthees, jivatmas, panchabutas, sukshma, sthula, sarirotpatti, dasagunas, prapancholpatti, Tatvamasi, and chattampi Vedic concepts. He worked as a casual labourer and carried headloads of bricks and mortar for the construction of the Secretariat building in Thiruvananthapuram.

He was blessed with self-realization through the Brahmatatwopadesa of a mysterious Avadhuta saint. One who has attained Jnana chatatmpi highest spiritual wisdom. Perfection, attainment of oneness with the Lord.

Pracheena Malayalam also aimed at awakening the mind of the people of the region divided by various complexes to a collective sense of ‘We’.


Parama Bhattara Chattampi Swami Tiruvatikal. He explained Vedanta in a lucid style that could be understood even by an illiterate. Word of the Guru. The Yoga path primarily concerned with bodily purification practices which tranquilize the mind and discipline the body. He possessed extraordinary memory power.

WORKS – Chattampi Swami Archive

This world was his family. His parents were Vasudeva Sharma and Nangamma Pillai. Documenting the aspects neglected by earlier biographers the authors make a remarkable contribution to our understanding of the man behind the myth. Swami introduced Asan chattwmpi all arts and sciences he had mastered and also gave him the Balasubrahmanya mantra. Humble creatures like ants and dogs were his brothers or friends.

He returned to Kerala as a great scholar and saint. Also he learned Sanskrit by overhearing the classes at chsttampi Brahmin house nearby. His skill in playing on chhattampi instrument with originality was widely known and acclaimed. This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat They lived and travelled for many months together. The Spheres of their activities are, by and large, confined to particular regions.

Media related to Chattampi Swamikal at Wikimedia Commons. He was the guiding star to those who fought to bring about spiritual renaissance and social resurgence in this country. He ignored all distinctions of caste. He had already learnt the basic tenets of Christianity and Islam from Christian and Muslim scholars.

He prophesied the time of his final departure cuattampi many could not understand it.